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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

I Am Worth Absolutely Nothing!

Bow down before me and grovel, O ignorant peasant folk! HAR HAR HAR!!!!

Like most folks I spent most of my life in debt for something or other, pretty much cars and my mortgage. I think I bought a little fishin' boat years back to keep my line of credit from going dormant, but I found out I didn't need a line of credit given that I paid my credit cards off like clockwork. I hate, fear and loathe debt.

18 years ago I was debt free and just back on the job market - and sold my soul to the devil the banks for a new house and a couple cars. We paid the cars off early and of course we retired the mortgage - and for the last couple years I had my wife's little Toyota we've been paying on as our only real debt. It had been bugging the hell out of me for the last couple years but I put up with it because the interest rate on it was ridiculous at 0.9% or something dumb like that.

Today I pooped the bed and woke up deciding that I couldn't take in anymore, I was going to pay that damned thing off early too! So I called up the finance dept. at Toyota and the perky young lady told me that my last payment was last month! Would I like to buy another one...?

I suppose on paper I am worth money ... being a home owner and having a modest RRSP and a few investments. On paper, I am probably upper middle class too. But I look around at my friends - and they all look like they could buy and sell me out of pocket change; they have the big houses, the fancy trucks and cars, they go on posh vacations - and they are in debt up to the wazoo!

One of my wife's friends told her she was lucky to be in our circumstances and it ticked her right off. Privately, she said to me that 'luck' has nothing to do with it - we saved while others spent, we went without while others partied, we held back savings during the good times in preparation for the hard times - where did this woman get off calling us 'lucky'?

How do ya measure self-worth?

I remember a hundred years ago they had Donald Trump on TV talking about his life and times and how he got cleaned out in a group of investment moves that went south. His story is that he saw a homeless bum on the street as he and the boys were cleaning out their offices, and he said, 'See that bum? He is worth more than all of us together...'. He was right too!!!

I am debt free. First time in 18 years. And I am worth more than the president of the United States! HAR HAR HAR! (Oh alright - I admit it, Donald Trump has since recovered and could have his butler buy and sell me out of pocket change!)

BAH - Peride goeth before a fall so I better shut my pie-hole. Here I am, gloating about having basic financial common sense! Still and all - it feels good.

I hear young people bitching and whining about the futility of The American Dream. I am here to say it isn't futile, that it's doable, and that it's available for anyone that wants to work for it - even up here in Canada. Years ago I bitched like that too. Get in the game. Take your debt seriously - use debt, don't let it use you. The rat race is for rats - the only guy whose opinion matters is that of the bum ya see in the mirror every morning when you shave. Debt is a tool, not a magic wand.

Be smart - and I hope that one day, YOU are worth nothing too!  :)


  1. Hear HEAR! Buy that man a beer! ...Or get him a joint... er something... We're indeed on the same page on this one, O sage of the snowy place. "Loathe" is too good a word for debt!

    I've known what being debt-free feels like, Glen, and it does feel good. I've heard my millennial kids say "Debt is no big deal; it's part of life!" enough times to barf. They've heard me say "I thought I raised you guys smarter than that!" enough times for them to barf as well.

    My house is my only debt (face it; almost no one can buy a house outright, and retiring from the military after 21 years, I "bought late"). My newest vehicle is thirteen years old. My oldest is twenty, and it still logs 70 miles per day. I long ago realized that today's latest thing is tomorrow's yard sale material. When we need something, we buy the best quality we can afford, and "use it until it's useless." To hell with what the rest think! Let THEM live paycheck to paycheck, and worry what will happen A MONTH after they lose their jobs. Today's bright, shiny object is depreciating by the minute. Financial security is worth its weight in GOLD.

    Enjoy your gloat! You've earned it!

    1. I don't get that either, Pete. My friends just keep spending. The bank just keeps on lending them money. One day they are gonna hit 65 and STILL be in the hole... I don't know how they sleep at night.

      I am going to thank my Maker that I am in a position to pay off my debts, and beg him the indulgence of time to sock away more for my wife if anything should happen to me. I've only been one step ahead of Darwin and the devil all my life - and I would dearly love to lengthen my lead if ya catch my drift.

      I hope you win lotto 649 and can retire your debts with ease. (And perhaps, buy the odd glass of rot gut for your creepy friends up in Canada, HAR HAR HAR!)

  2. My old buddy GuestZero (now deceased) believed in debt free living. He paid cash for his home, car, everything. He endured a certain amount of trash talk from those with heavy debt.

    I remember when I closed on my house thinking that GuestZero would have been happy and proud to know me.
    I myself am debt free. I pay off my credit card every month in the certain knowledge that somewhere, a banking executive is cursing me and hoping I die in a fire. I paid cash for my house and car; I have a new car account ready and waiting. Being debt free allows me to live fairly well.

  3. i have no sense, common or otherwise.
    wish i were debt free.
    when i start the next 3 year or 5 year plan for debt-freeness something always comes up and sets me back.
    i'm closing in on 70 and in the last plan i guess i'll ever see.
    still praying to be debt free.
    medical bills seem to be the chief bane because medicare is not accepted as full payment and some meds the insurance company won't approve, so there i am paying full price at the pharmacy.
    but we are much better off than thousands of americans who live without their meds or take only half a dose and hope for the best in spite of their ills.

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