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Saturday, 25 November 2017

Must A Been Reading The Tranna Star On Line...

A feathered internet rage head!
He was probably swapping political commentary with
King Charlie over at Coopville...

I don't read the mainstream papers any more. To me opening up the Tranna Star or The Glob And Snail or any other mainstream liberal shit-rag is like getting trolled by children - stupid children. I used to get worked up but now I just read the headlines - they can sometimes get those right. But I hardly ever delve into the copy or leave comments. I remember the editors of The Glob bemoaning that they had to censor the comments because they kept degenerating into a cesspool of potty-mouths, racism, and trolling...  HAR HAR HAR!!!! 

Passersby are reminded that if you feel the need to make use of the facilities after a visit to a mainstream media site - Filthie's Thunderbox is at your disposal.

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