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Friday, 24 November 2017

On Safari - With CH!

Well - looks like I'll have some time on my hands, so - one more post for this fine Friday!

Usually when we depart for exotic lands on the Dark Continent search of adventure, we enlist the services of WL Emery, his Rigby rifles and endless porters and servants and bottles of gin.

This time in the interests of economy, we went with CH. Those of you whom are easily offended are invited to sit this one out or stick with WL with his refined sense and sensibilities, HAR HAR HAR!

I've read one of WL's novels and he can turn a phrase and spin a yarn. He can use a word to paint a thousand pictures. But CH? "Dindu Savannah"? HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR!!! You will need a cast iron sense of humour to appreciate all that.

This is just me talking. Folks'll tell ya I'm a racist and I don't care - most of them are degenerate cultural Marxists, crotch warriors and miscellaneous flunkies themselves. Whatever - but I say what follows in all seriousness:

When it comes to vibrants of any of the frooty colours of the rainbow - STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THEIR WOMEN. Out here in the real world, the IQ gap is what it is. I know people will say IQ tests are flawed and I would fully agree - but by any metric we use to measure intelligence, coloured people score out low whether its IQ, or SAT scores, or crime stats. And blacks score out lowest of all. In the real world coloured people are the most racist people going. They are also the stupidest, generally speaking. To be in the midst of such people with their women and booze present? Put it this way - CH probably WOULD be safer amidst a troop of feral gorillas in Africa! Being racially aware is not the same as being racist - it's common sense and prudence.

Look after yourselves and keep your eye on the puck.

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