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Sunday, 5 November 2017

Sunday Showboat Scientists

And lookit! They're politically correct, ethnically diverse and just chock full a vibrance, dontchya know!!!

Aren't they adorable? They're scientists - and they're politically correct and ethnically diverse too! They simply vibrant!!!!

HAR HAR HAR! Ignernt honkies like me would never be allowed to debate such scholars in the real world - especially when they're baiting Christians - but over here in the outhouse of the internet - why not?

Neil makes the point for me, were I to argue this: yes, the genetic lottery is cruel beyond belief. Yes, the cosmos could wipe us out any second - pulverize our planet to dust, bathe it in lethal radiation - what have you.

But isn't that an argument that Someone might be looking out for us?

There's a reason why you're here, and why you are the person you are. There is a purpose to your life, your pain, and your memory among those you leave behind. God doesn't talk to me, I don't speak for Him  - but sometimes we have to. Tell a 5 year old with terminal cancer that there is nothing for her beyond her illness, Neil. Tell her mother that her child lost a random genetic lottery and that The Universe was only gonna kill her anyway.

I suppose I shouldn't tell anyone what to think. Your place on this earth is yours, to make the best of as you see fit. Be careful of who you take your advice from.

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  1. Per your example though, I have to ask: Did I tell you something was wrong, or did YOU tell me I was sick?
    My belief is a 40/60, If I have Good insurance, you may tell me I am sick. But if I don't tell you Something isn't right, And I don't have good insurance, there's nothing wrong!
    This is why it is called Practicing Medicine.