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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

The Girls Of Ft. Mac: Retard School ROTC Program

I am livid! Yesterday we were approached by Westpoint to discuss the recruitment of our more gifted students into their command training programs. (I was going to sell them all to pharmaceutical corporations for medical experiments and research - but Westpoint started waving more money around). In any event, one of the generals wanted to run my retards through a quick simulated war game to see exactly what kind of material he had to work with.

My l'il rejects lasted 5 minutes, gawddamn 'em all!!! They all folded and surrendered faster n' a fwenchman!!! I got screwed out of my finders fee when the general and his entourage stormed off in disgust.

RED dawn? Hmpffffff!!!

Looks like medical experiments for the lot of them then! They have only themselves to blame!


  1. She doesn't look retarded to me. Nice looking young lady.