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Friday, 17 November 2017

Whadda Week

Well the national sales manager came out from Queerbec to shit on us this week and I was ready for him. The second we were alone and he started blaming me for everything wrong with the company, the economy and the world - I told him bluntly to get a pink slip for me and a lawyer for himself because I thought he was a dishonest abusive prick and I was sick of his shit.

Then the shouting started.

And I shouted right back at him. FFS - half our staff defected a year ago to go into business directly against us - and here he was treating their replacements AND the employees that stayed loyal to him... like shit. So go ahead, chief - lay me off. I had a few problems with HIS incompetence, stupidity and misconduct, to be honest - and if this was going to be a dog fight we would finish it in court, in front of our employers where he couldn't abuse his authority and cheat.

After I finished with him I dropped him back at the office and the boys said his attitude changed and he started acting civilized. I think sometimes people get wrapped up in themselves and don't really listen to what they're saying and how people around them receive it. He practically fell over himself to be polite with us after that. There comes a point where negative reinforcement just doesn't work anymore.

Who knows. I may get a pink slip for my troubles yet - but he seemed sincere. They are even jumping on getting my new salesman a new truck because his is half in the bag.

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  1. Ahh; there he is, the Canuck we all know and love! People were thinking the worst. Yeah; some guy on the ham radio in the Great White North said he thought he saw someone who looked like you screaming, running into the woods in nothing but a leopardskin Speedo! 'Said the guy sounded like an elk with blue balls! Whew! Thank God you haven't reached that stage yet... Or have you?...

    Yeah; sometimes y'just gotta fight... Good luck, Glen.