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Sunday, 31 December 2017

A Cartridge Slide

It's not finished yet. It's going to go on a belt for use at the range.
I made the pattern for it and it's not bad but it
ain't great either...

You can tell it's home made by a hare lipped retard but for me it's not half bad for a first effort. I've been meaning to make a couple of these for the range bag but never got around to it. Also most of my shooting was with semi autos and for those - ammo management usually means bandoliers and mag pouches of some sort. I'll make some a those too, eventually - but for now - now that I am shooting a (hork, spit) bolt gun - I figured little project might keep my idle hands and mind busy during a cold snap.

Well I better put my junk away - almost time for church and I gotta go pay my respects to my Maker, my wife and community. Hope y'all are staying warm and that things warm up again soon.


  1. Not bad. The cartridges look like they're not going to fall out, which is the main thing. Let me know when you get around to a shot shell bandolier.

  2. And, by the way, I swear I'm losing comments on your site.