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Monday, 4 December 2017

A Divorce...

...goes horribly wrong.

Bear with me and please forgive me in advance: I have never been divorced, I don't know the ins-and-outs of it, and I comment completely from ignorance. I have only seen a limited number of divorces and from my perspective it's always the same - the man goes to the cleaners and the woman goes to the bank. I dunno how they can bear the heartache that has to go along with that either.

I know that Flapz was nearly bankrupted during his. The lawyers got involved and after they were done he didn't have nearly enough money to live on. He literally could not afford car payments or rent after his ex got through with him. I later heard through mutual friends that he was having issues with depression and had even called the suicide help lines. It got so mean and nasty that he had to threaten to quit his job, move into his mother's basement and be basically unemployed until his ex agreed to pull her claws out of him. He finally negotiated his monthly payments DOWN to $1900.00/month. That's for three kids, all of whom are now over 18 and are going to university or trade school - and two of the three kids are living under his roof! I hear stuff like that, and I understand estranged husbands that do violence to their ex's. That ain't right.

My wife and I met in high school and my marriage almost fell apart a couple times - my a-hole in laws were driving a wedge into my family, my daughter went off the deep end and I was starting to lose my mud with all the drama and BS going on - and one day enough was enough. I told my wife she could go with them or come with me... but she had to choose. I fully expected to be living in a dumpster, or maybe in a cell after mass murdering all my in laws. Or maybe they would have murdered me and I woulda woke up dead the next day, HAR HAR HAR!!!

Last night I went to a Bible study session with my wife, thinking that it was the least I could do to support a loyal and faithful wife that supported and stood by me. I'll be honest, I wasn't looking forward to it because I had a pile of ammo to reload downstairs, guns to clean and toys to play with... and who wants to waste his time learning about bible history on a Sunday night?

It wasn't that bad, actually. I already knew some of the folks and they're wonderful people and even with the preachin' and speechin' it was pretty interesting stuff. You start learning about the historical figures in Christianity and the things they did and why - and it made for some pretty good conversation amongst their old boys. I just sat back and listened. They bitched about certain historical clergymen and sang the merits of others, but the way their church operates, is on the assumption that the bible says what it means, and means what it says - and the zoo of feminists, faggots, commies, and cucks that want to interpret it and take it out of context - welp, they can all go fly a kite or pound sand.

I think my marriage is doing alright, actually, and I am glad that we are still together. I seem to be learning that marriages, like faith, aren't about what ya get out of ''s all about what ya put into them, maybe.

Have you hugged your old lady today? Maybe ya should!  :)

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