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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

All Education Is Good Education

If you ever hear somebody say that - do everyone a favour and kick him in the nads!

Via Captain Capitalism...

This is not exclusively a chick thing. Contrary to the Captain I know lots of men that don't understand credit either. But that is no excuse either; when it comes to money or anything else your life rides on - you had better make goddamned sure you understand it, forward, backwards and upside down!

There's more going on than that too - this lady thought she could get a spot on easy street with a mickey mouse degree or diploma with a course of study that would let her party and play for 4 years. I dunno who is more contemptible - the "schools" that prey on these dummies, or the dummies themselves.

I remember laying awake at nights, worried sick about my mortgage payment of around $850.00/month. For the first 5 years of our home 'ownership' we had nothing - we saved and scrimped like mad to bank a slush fund in case anyone lost a job or the chit hit the fan and something blew up. This idiot is in the hole for $900.00. Sure, 900 beans isn't the same as 900 bucks back in the 90's when I bought my house - but she could have done any number of things with that money and had been better off. From a financial perspective she'd have been better off living at home with mom and dad, unemployed and smoking grass - than enrolling in a mickey mouse program.

My daughter did the exact same thing. When she told me she had dropped the sciences at the U and was going into a fine art class at a no-name college, I begged her not too. But my in-laws, God damn them, shouted me down, told her pretty lies that 'yes, darling, you CAN make a living as an artist, and no, Princess, your dad is just being mean to say otherwise! All education is GOOD education!!!'

I told my daughter after my in laws had left, that she would find herself in exactly this boat, and I wasn't going to pay for it because she was an adult and had to make her own decisions. Without consequences, people won't learn from their actions. Both this girl and mine should have their feet held to the fire until every last cent is repaid.


  1. I still like that you booted cappy's ass in the comments a few days ago.

  2. some Some of us were smart enough to work our way through school and refused to take loans. She should may evert cent. The only loan reform should be to hold feet to the fire and make them pay it back.

  3. Spot on boys. I saved for my education and my wife worked so we got by without any real loans, thank goodness.