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Friday, 1 December 2017

Fort Mac Blues - errrr....Reds...?

Back in their day Canada's RCMP were THE last word in law enforcement. Scotland Yard? British faggots, poseurs, and panty-waists who put on airs of sophistication! The Texas Rangers? Those guys played fast and loose with the law. As I get older and see more of the workings of the judiciary I seriously wonder if they weren't right to do so.

The RCMP was famous for their man-hunts and would follow fugitives to the ends of the earth, where most of them were captured (alive) - and then brought back from the very depths of hell frozen over - to face justice in  The Crown's Court under the auspices of rule of law. Back then if you killed people, they killed you back - but you were treated to a fair trial first.

Today they're a laughing stock with the usual assortment of phoney mudflaps, turbans, lesbians, and other degenerate affirmative action flunkies. Every week some mental midget is in the news wailing about sexual harassment, police brutality, corruption, fraud, and misconduct at the hands of the RCMP.

I still love and respect the Mounties. The real ones, the young men that put on that uniform, go out and do their jobs with strength, honesty and good humour while their leaders and fellows are consumed by incompetence, corruption and stupidity. Up here in Canada that line is the deepest red and it gets thinner every day.

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