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Sunday, 3 December 2017

Hack Hack-A-Dack Attack

I think I'm getting hacked again.

Every once in awhile the Blog-O-Meter redlines which means my blog has gotten immensely popular for some reason - or it's some kind of blitz going on. I know that Pete, Jack, and Quartermain have all trained their budgies to peck out the keys required to bring up the Thunderbox on the home computer - but even with that help for the ratings, this blog usually does about 200~300 views a day. (I refuse to believe there are that many people foolish enough to read the crap I write, HAR HAR HAR!!! (No offense to the dozen of you that are, of course!)). But today I am over 400 and climbing.

Referring Sites

Hmmmm. All the usual contributing turdies are sending traffic my way. But look at

It's obviously the dormant blog of a deceased gunnie. And how does my own blog go about referring all those budgies back to my own blog?  Others are coming up as errors. Getting a readership is easy, all ya gotta do is write to the big guns like Wirecutter and Borepatch and their likes and get them to link to you. When I first started this blog I thought seriously about pushing it but I write solely for myself and a fairly small part of people that I like to torment and poke fun at. What possible interest could my crappy little blog be to hackers? 

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