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Thursday, 28 December 2017

Is That Blasphemy? Is It Funny?


When I was a kid political cartoons could sway public opinion almost as well or better than a well written article in the mainstream media. I found that some used humour to such devastating affect that even if you disagreed with the artist's politics, you had to laugh and agree with the message of the cartoon. Nowadays it seems that the political cartoon seems to have fallen by the wayside and been replaced by the 'internet meme'.

Humour as a political weapon takes real wit and finesse to wield. What I've been seeing lately is that the political left no longer does humour. Sure, they have memes and cartoons that insult and degrade and denigrate - but they seem to lack the humorous 'zing' required make the message hit home. I wonder about that - has the left lost its collective sense of humour because they've lost their intellect and wit? Or is it because everything is offensive now - right up to and including a good belly laugh?


  1. the left never had a sense of humor.
    look at the gray, concrete shabbiness of east berlin and imagine the devil's pall cast over the entire earth.

    in the local newspaper the political cartoon on the editorial page is downright ugly, and usually a lie.
    example; a sweet Bible holding little old lady is smiling up at her black clad ,truncheon wielding son, encouraging him to enjoy his pro-trump gathering where he will assault hillary supporters.
    the truth is just the opposite- hillary goons, not usually with Christian moms, assaulting unarmed people gathered to hear candidate trump speak.

  2. Oh yes I know all about it Deb. I was raised by liberal proggies. I was told that all Christians are stuck-up hypocrites, kiddie diddlers, inbred, stupid - and for years I believed it.

    I was 53 years old before I learned the truth of it, and what an ass I've been. Thankfully I still have a sense of humour - and I mean no offense Christians at all - but I find the idea of liberals being pelted with a downpour of Pepe The Frogs to be the stuff of high comedy! ;)