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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Job Interview

With our company's fortunes in decline, and an apathetic/psychopathic management - I've been looking for jobs elsewhere. I love the family that owns the company, I love the people I work with - but companies live like people do - they rise, they fall, and they change.

When I cruise the job boards I automatically filter out the companies that are always advertising for people - if they are always on the job boards it's because they have a revolving door for their employees, and that in turn means they treat their people like dirt. In an economy like ours, there's not a lot of good companies hiring.

Tonight I sat down in front of a fuggin psycho. No chit - this guys would not shut up to let me speak. He bragged about himself, his career, and babbled like a brook! Then he started bragging about how he hires too many salesmen for a given territory and plays them off against each other and if the territory doesn't grow - he gives them the punt. Am I supposed to be impressed by that?  Then he started huffing and puffing and posturing about how he keeps his guys on a really short leash and I just gave up right there. I'm 53 years old; I don't need some a-hole whipping my arse to make me work - I'm the kind of guy you let off the leash to get things done. After an hour I regretted going to the effort of bathing and shaving and putting on a suit, HAR HAR HAR!!!! I couldn't believe this mutt - how do these animals get jobs?

Oh well - maybe I will get that job where I put on the pizza costume and dance around on the street as I advertise for the local pizza hut!

I can be seen dancing around on 149th street during rush hour!
No autographs!!!

Or maybe there's a career for me in putting toothpaste into tubes or something like that. Who knows?

The hunt continues apace.

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  1. Been there. The interviewer started talking about himself five minutes into the interview and didn't stop until we parted company at the restaurant door. I didn't want anything to do with a company that would hire this jerk, let alone give him any kind of authority - except, perhaps, over a tool shed full of shovels, hammers, and pry bars.

    Another time I interviewed with a proprietorship in Toledo, and I actually became frightened during the interview. This clown was bragging about the company's working environment, and said, "It's just like I told my five year old son this morning. 'Son,' I said, 'we make money and we have fun doing it.'" He then broke into maniacal laughter that caused me to scoop up my briefcase and start walking towards the front door, with him in hot pursuit. By the time I hit the door I was practically running. I did manage to get a glimpse of the owner's office, and the place was a throne room. Hire me? No thanks.