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Thursday, 28 December 2017

Latest North Korean Super Weapon

What kind of demented chit does something like this?
It's like putting a bayonet on a pistol...!!!


  1. Putting a tack through a Lego is like bringing sand to the beach; it's just "more." Anyone who's stepped on a Lego will tell you that adding a tack wouldn't increase the pain level one iota!

    1. Yup. About the only thing worse to step on are the toys that roll. That are left on the stairs... :)

    2. Indeed; marbles or Tinker Toys/Lincoln Logs on the kitchen floor are perennial favorites...

      In thinking about the tack in the Lego, I guess there is a benefit; the "tick feature,' whereby you step on the Lego, the tack attaches the Lego to your heel (like a tick), and you get to step on it again and again. DAMN THAT NOKO!!!