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Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Naughty Knotty...

The only other thing ya gotta know about ropes is that ya NEVER cut them. Ya shorten 'em. Proper rope management is one of the manly arts that every young man should know. You will probably only really ever need about half a dozen of these for simple camp and bush craft.

You will also want to know how to make and use rope cheaters. (They're simple and handy and I would post a pic but when I did an image search a bunch of naughty nudies came up doing the S&M bondage thing).


Jeez Louise - I did a Google-Fu on 'rope tensioners' instead of 'rope cheaters' and lo and behold! Kids like making these because it gives 'em an excuse to play with a drill. A hundred years ago in better times my father in law and I had a couple dozen specially made for us, to our exacting specification by little skilled craftspeople. They even stained them and sanded them smooth for us - while we drank, stank, and played darts and set a bad example. We used these to tarp up our camp when we were out huntin' and fishin' and it was awesome. We got torrential downpours on one trip and sat under the tarp with a fire crackling and we spent the day cooking, eating and drinking and had the time of our lives. They were good memories that should last a lifetime.


  1. ...when I did an image search a bunch of naughty nudies came up...

    And just how does that prevent you from posting a few pictures of knotty nots and how to tie them?

    1. My apologies, WL. My brain isn't working that well these days - updated as per your instructions.