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Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Pain Thresholds

Oh, here we go with the same old, same old gender victim crap. Pain? Boys n' girls, I will tell you what REAL pain is.

Last year at the end of the summer Mad Jack had a shindig down in the trailer park. We had a shooting match over at the playground and then went back to Jack's for a BBQ steak supper. Guys like that take the BBQ pit seriously; I think my steak must a been a 60 ouncer - I couldn't eat it all. But Pete Forester not only ate his - he had a couple baked potatoes and half a pie for desert! I dunno where he put all the beer he drank.

Later on as the evening settled down a shriek of unimaginable pain came from the outhouse, and we had to call an ambulance to take Pete away!

Try giving birth to a Texas Democrat, people.
THEN tell me all about 'pain'...

Pete survived the ordeal and today he subsists on boiled cabbage, prune juice, and broccoli. Tell him your stories of pain and perseverance, and let me know how he takes it. Pain, like everything else, is best kept in perspective.

Have a great Humpday, and may your pains be small!

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