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Monday, 18 December 2017

Pervert? Or Genius?

Given my druthers, I could wake up in the morning and start eatin' hot dogs all day long until I went to bed at night! Ya gotta get the campfire just right - like this fella has here. When I was a kid and we were kings ya just took a few steps into the bush, cut a sapling, willow or something similar - and ya had an instant wiener stick. Ya took a few more steps - and you could take a leak and nobody would see you.

Nowadays some of the provincial campsites are just awful. They actually stink of urine, some of 'em, and you can get shot for cutting any trees or undergrowth. Firewood is obscenely expensive, and all they're fit for is teens out helling to drink and do drugs and party all night long. I won't even get into the outhouses.

It's sad that now if you want to go 'camping' about the only places worth going to are privately run, policed and monitored, with carefully groomed sites. That's okay for grumpy old men like me but for kids? There should be forests for them to explore and play in, without big brother and helicopter parents watching every single thing they do. They should have room to breathe.

I am going to look into boondocking when I go camping this year. I don't need water and power and hook ups, and I like to get away from people when I go camping - not mashed in beside them and charged through the nose for it.


  1. Sounds like I live in the place you want to camp in, nobody in sight telling me what to do or watching me piss in the yard.

  2. My folks were always invited to a private, invitation only, campground down South. When I say private, I mean it. It was a short list, and everyone really enjoyed themselves.