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Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Pre-Holiday Perspectives From The Littlest Airport

I just wrapped up my last drone build. It's that little tiny one in front of the big one. I used to be so proud of that big one - there used to be a lot of skills required to scratch build these things: you have to be good with electronics. You have to be good with computers. You have to be good with computers, aerodynamics and programming to tune them. Although that's changed drastically now - when I built that big one two years ago it took me a couple weeks just getting the flight controller to talk to the computer. The electronics were big, bulky, and semi-reliable. Two years later all that is a snap, the programming utility is an app, tutorials are all over YouTube, and a novice can build a better machine than that big POS with ease. Put it in perspective - that big one flies. That latest smaller one darts. It even puts out a 'heads up display' on my goggles. I literally have as much info from that tiny machine as General Chuck Yeager has on his F16 fighter jet! I have the digital compass, artificial horizon, current draw, voltage, pitch, yaw and roll and some other junk that I don't even know what it does! All this from a tiny machine that fits in the palm of your hand.

Sure, sitting in my basement by the heater building toys is a grand time. I would drowse as I built, or listen to the little radio my wife bought me, or sometimes I'd get up and go harass the dawgs. But - I'm restless, these days.

I'm watching other bloggers that are doing things. BW is travelling all over hell's half acre, photographing and preserving 'Abandoned Alberta' with pics of crumbling school houses, rural churches and prairie ghost towns. Sunny is working away on the farm, doing his chores and building an antique Model A Coupe. CM and her husband are rural folk too, busy with backyard chickens and the home n' garden thing. I was even reading some other blogger who literally lives off the grid in the mountains in a little cabin with rudimentary facilities. His latest post was about an old neighbour that fell, couldn't get up - and the wood stove went out. The cops rescued him in time, apparently. I've been watching some of those 'tiny house' people on YouTube - who really go off the grid, and their days are filled with chores and laughter. They are deep in the pursuit of happiness while I have been stuck pursuing the almighty dollar. I wonder if they know something I don't?

Sunny is picking up a load of cherry wood.
Be a sport and stack that up in my woodshed for me, Sunny? HAR HAR HAR!!!
Cherry wood! Here in Alberta we get poplar, birch, spruce and pine...and 
that's pretty much it for freestanding timber...
I would LOVE to be able to burn cherry, apple, and other fresh cut hardwoods.

I sit here, playing with my guns and my toys. I don't like some of the people I work for any more, and I am damn sure some of them don't like me. Other than that, I sock money in the bank for all I'm worth and wonder what will happen to it when the politician's spending comes to a rude halt and the bills have to be paid. I'm overweight. Gonna be 54 this year, deep in heart attack country. There's no place in my family of pozzed liberal proggies for a man that is mildly Christian and majorly conservative - and lordy, they have all the predictable problems of their own, never mind my problems with them.

It's time to change. I gotta start eating better and getting out more. I gotta let some of my baggage go and I've done some of that already. I need to exercise more. I don't drink the way I used to any more, and that's a good thing.

2018 is going to be a hard but good year for me, by the looks of it. May it be even better for you!


  1. Yeah; there comes a day when you realize that you've spent your life trying to make everyone else happy. Then you take stock; they're not happy, and neither are you. What was the point? You look at your body and soul. Both look as if they've endured re-entry... multiple times... from low-Earth orbit. Again; what was the point?

    At some point, y'gotta follow your own compass...

  2. Jesus said love your neighbor as you love yourself--gotta start by taking care of yourself and your own.
    even the keeper of the vineyard is expected by the Owner to have his own section clean and ready before the tasks involved in caring for the rest of the vineyard.
    what profits it a man to lose his own soul?