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Thursday, 28 December 2017

Some Last Introspection For 2017

I've never run into Malcom before - but I may need to put him up on the Toilet Roll. The analogy between life and the stream is so apt. I am glad he thinks he will prevail and I sincerely hope that in his world - he does. May you in yours as well. The people in my family all want to drift on that current Malcom describes, and be carried along with everyone else, safe and serene in their little bubbles of security. Like Malcom - I dug in and held against that current and watched my family literally be carried away by it. I literally have no idea where some of them are now - they disappeared round that bend in the stream a long time ago. A lot of us are in that boat.

Are they happy where they are now? From what I've seen they are. Some people just have to go with the flow. As for me - I've set my feet here, and by the grace of God Almighty - here is where I intend to stay. My life and home may be humble - but it's home.

I am putting down a flu bug today - but as for the rest of you - have a great Thursday!

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