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Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Sunny's Splash N' Dash Car Wash

Gotta admire the man's efficiency!  With that set up he and Aggie can get much needed baths at the same time! HAR HAR HAR!!!

Hmmmm... I am beginning to smell a little ripe too! Maybe I should take a few swirls around Sunny's bowl too...

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  1. When my dad was about 10 in the early 30s, he and his buddies had a business where these kids who could barely drive, would get paid to drive people's cars out in the country to a creek. They would drive the car out into the creek and wash it then drive it back into town all washed up and clean for the customers. The whole business collapsed when one of the cars got out on a sand bar and sank to where it had to be towed back to town and was full of water. Still these little guys showed initiative since there was freedom to try new things back then as most things weren't highly regulated like today.