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Saturday, 16 December 2017

The Case Of The Maryland Hamburgler - It's Elementary, My Dear Quartermain!

Back in the 1800's crime was fun. Ya had to rely on your formidable powers of observation and deduction to figure out that it was the butler that done it. Back in the 1800's Quatermain and I were successful criminologists with a reputation for solving mysteries that stumped the constabulary! But then I got addicted to morphine and pot, and Quartermain turned into a sex pervert and our days as respected detectives came to a sad end. Today we are washed up dregs.

It's just as well, I suppose. Nowadays in this age of computers, CCTV and videeyahs the machine does all the work to prove the niglet dunnit - and there is no need for men with razor sharp intellects and swashbuckling courage. More's the pity, I'm afraid.

Is it racist to prefer the brilliant, sophisticated criminals of yesteryear? The fiends that taunted the police and law enforcement, smug and arrogant - convinced that they had made crime pay?

Methinks not.

1 comment:

  1. Ah knows ah kin fi' true dis windah... ah just knows it! C'mon butt... mah ass be gettin' stuck. C'mon!

    Now let the SJWs, BLM, and the rest of the alphabet soup liberal groups come and get me. Just remember that I'm an older conservative, and although a victim of public education I am both literate and armed. Equally well in both instances, as it turns out.