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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

The Shape Of Canadian Treason...

Somebody got a little over heated and wanted to 'blow Turdo's brains out'.

That would probably take some doing, as that boy's brain can't be more than a couple millimeters across and rattles around in the vacuum between his ears. JFC - that wasn't a threat; it was a man, probably down on his luck, venting his spleen about a politician that didn't give a damn about him, his province or anybody else west of Morontario. There's a LOT of people around here that would like to fire that whoreson out of a cannon along with half his cabinet too. People are frustrated and rightfully so - our economy is collapsing, and Turdo La Doo is capering about for hairy chested feminists and virtue signalling them by lifting his pant leg and showing them his pink socks. (Seriously). Or he's flooding the country with low IQ/low skill migrants when we don't have jobs for our own kids.

But that is how these rancid pukes work: a stunned bint poses with Trump's severed head, covered in blood - and we're all supposed to feel sorry for her when she whines that nobody will hire her anymore.

It goes against good principles and ethics to wish ill on other people and to be fair - that boy wasn't raised right and he's run with some of the most contemptible people this nation has produced. You can't expect a boy raised by such people to be a worthy man when he grows up. Even so - if I heard that the worst had happened to him - I'd be sorely tempted to smirk and buy a round for the house.

Screw you, Justin.

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