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Friday, 22 December 2017

What Kind Of Idiot...

Fer gawdsakes. It's a Webley! Ya break it open and it spits all the empties out and ya refill it! What kind of maroon used a weapon like that?


  1. Lt. Arthur Pritchard of the Royal Berkshire Regiment. He wanted something with a little more class than, say, an axe handle, and so came up with this design. He then sold the design to the Greener company, who manufactured the somewhat unique weapon for sale to other officers.

    1. Well - there he is!!!

      I guess my spat with Blogger has resolved itself. Welcome back WL - and I will be doing some enjoyable fact-finding now that you have pointed us in the right direction! :)

  2. The kind of idiot that might have 7 adversaries.