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Saturday, 16 December 2017

When We Were Kings

I've never been a car guy. There are only two sports cars I would sell my soul for: the Corvette, or the GTO. Sadly the GTO has fallen by the wayside... but lordy - the new Vettes can even get my blood pumping.

Of course this is all ego and nothing but.
The grey hairs I see driving these things putt along at sensible
speeds and spend more time polishing
them than driving them.

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  1. Not much could beat the Corvette, either on the street or in the showroom. Unless you pulled out all the stops and bought the XKE Jag, that is. The Jag was rare, and something of a white elephant - they could be temperamental and hard to start - but as far as straight production cars, the Jag was in the number one spot. Top speed around 150, 0-60 in 7 seconds, and it looked like it was going about eight zillion miles per hour while it was standing still. No trunk space to speak of, but who needs a trunk?