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Thursday, 7 December 2017

While On The Subject Of Rectums - Christmas:

Awhile back, I went to use the school crapper and some wank had loaded the TP 
dispensers with 60 grit sand paper. 
I wasn't able to walk for 3 days but for the first time since my teens,
my bunghole was finally CLEAN! HAR HAR HAR!!!
If anyone's feeling generous this Christmas season, I will be happy to get you
a product trial report if you should want to give me one.
(It goes without saying no gifts will be accepted from creeps like
Jack, Quartermain or Pete...)


  1. Imagine the spinart masterpieces that could be rendered with this that bum-buffer! Indeed; true Pic-ass-os!

  2. wow!!! it's very great,I like this blog thank for sharing.