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Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Wishing All The Moslems A Merry Christmas...

...and a hearty "Fuck You".

I dunno how trustworthy that news source is but it made me feel good to see somebody finally standing up to these animals and their liberal enablers. Good work, Mr. President.


Courtesy of WL Emery, world famous explorer, adventurer, novelist, and man-about-town:

Completely false.

Miller shares fake news story, trumpets Trump

Sid Miller admits to posting false account of Donald Trump removing Muslim judge

*** Sorry WL... for some reason blogger seems to have lost your comment. I appreciate the fact checking. Nothing (and I mean NOTHING - pisses me off more than fake news. I don't mind when leftists and proggies do it - they are morons and their consumption of fake news proves it. I expect better of us.


  1. thanks for the info. i had already posted it on facebook. will retract.

  2. I saw that and couldn't remember if I'd posted or not. I was sure that I had, but sometimes the old memory isn't what it could be.