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Friday, 29 December 2017

Women Are Animals...

CH is telling us that typical female behaviour is almost identical to that of feral dogs.

Jim is telling us that human female sexuality is identical to that of feral cats.

For some reason I am disinclined to argue with CH; perhaps it's because there are too many 'walking wounded' over there... the kind of guys that have been hurt by women in past relationships, and now they hate all women with the heat of 1000 suns. You can't have a discussion with somebody like that, much less a debate.

I will argue with Jim; he has his psychotics as well but for some reason they don't phase me the way CH's do. There are some fellas over there at Chateau Heartiste that need a long slow ride on the therapist's couch, if ya catch my drift.

It's like watching fish trying to wrap their heads around the concept of air. Air is a fluid; and the fish will be able to relate to it's properties that resemble those of hydrodynamics. But beyond that - they're completely and utterly lost.

Women want to be raped, pumped and dumped by sub-human retards? They want to be owned and abused? JFC.

It's my scholarly opinion that today's modern woman hasn't got the foggiest clue about what she wants! Most of our modern men are in the same boat! For my two cents, I attribute antisocial female behaviours with liberalism. Liberals hate the responsibilities that go along with families, communities and nations and feel that those responsibilities intrude on their 'freedom'. (For them freedom seems to mean doing street drugs and f***ing anything that moves). That's why they are in so much trouble now: feminism has reduced women to mere whores, and their men are rapists that can't distinguish between rape/molestation/harassment - and free love. They're imploding now too - old liberal women are often lonely cankles that live with cats, and their men are filthy predators being sent to Pervert Island by the boatload!

It's sad to see grown men thinking like that - and just another indicator of what trouble we're in.

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  1. There are a lot of choices out there. Dating a stripper, for instance, is a choice. Keep in mind that these girls are interested in any relationship that does not involve getting the living crap slapped out of them on a regular basis.

    Most are trying to nest. They meet some poor schmuck who doesn't recognize the signs of a predator. They seduce him into marriage with the idea that they have acquired some decent raw material, which they can mold into the mediocre husband and father.

    Ultimately it doesn't work out, and the schmuck gets burned on alimony, initial division of the estate, and child support. This situation is getting a little better, but not much, and the problem is with the men who won't do what their divorce lawyer tells them to do. Oh well.

    Once in a while you get the real deal. When you do, hold onto her, because she's one in a billion.