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Thursday, 14 December 2017

Womenology: The Relationship Graph

I've studied females under the tuteledge of world class intellectual scholars like the Z-Man, Uncle Bob and world famous adventurer, explorer and novelist - WL Emery. In turn I have corrupted schooled younger men on the species such as Quartermain and Pete and Jack (they owe all their success with women to Yours Truly although they would be loathe to admit it).

I currently like Z's theories the best. In his podcasts one of his regular features is 'Girl Science' where messed up lesbians, hairy chested feminists, fluidly gendered pronouns and other fuck ups gender studies flakes pose as intellectuals and scholars. They'll fearlessly tackle sensitive subjects like 'the diamorphous gender paradigms that arise in yoga in response to the negative societal pressures arising from patriarchal influences and classical shortcomings...'. And of course Z and his fanoboys dissolve into helpless laughter as they try to decipher what these lunatics are prattling about

This guy could qualify as a gender studies grad because
he doesn't understand the difference between a matrix, a chart, and a graph.
Further, he sees the mathematical relationship between hotness and craziness
as linear - whereas it is more an asymetrical exponential polynomial expression
at best. To even try to express
women in a mathematical context is the stuff of lunacy.

I found this vid in the comments over at Althouse's blog where I tried to educate the famous Law Professor on the subject of 'Cat Ladies'. She incorrectly saw my disdain for them as an attack on women and tried to goad me into revealing myself as a chauvinist by attacking men through the soy-boys, cellar-dwellers and the like. She's a sporting woman and I love her for it - but ol' Filthie is smarter n' yer average bear. Those guys ain't right either and I said so. By Godfrey - she's lucky I am not a lawyer, I would probably be on the Supreme Court today if I had gone down that path as a youth. (And we'd have a properly progressive judiciary as the result too: the reintroduction of firing squads for traitors, horse whipping for uppity blacks, and all the various perverts properly stowed in the closet, HAR HAR HAR!!!).

My advice to young men is this: find somebody warm, loving and caring. Go slow. Reciprocate it. It takes time, longer now than ever before. Treat all women as respectfully if you can. If you must break with them - try to break clean. Women may have changed a lot under the pressures of modern society - but the way to treat them remains the same.

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  1. I'll cheerfully admit that I owe Glen Filthie an awful lot when it comes to women. If not for Glen and his teachings, I'd still have all my own teeth, I'd be living in a winter home in Phuket, Thailand and a summer home in Dubois, Wyoming, and I wouldn't have to worry about making my Social Security check stretch for two months (instead of the two weeks it was originally designed for). I'm environmentally conscious, too! I have my own route of waste disposal units to sift through, collecting recyclables along with reusable food and clothing. Thankfully, this takes up most of my time so I don't really miss not having a TV set. I'm probably better off this way.

    Yeah, I owe Glen Filthie a lot...

    Filthie's words of wisdom on women and relationships:

    My advice to young men is this: find somebody warm, loving and caring.

    Just where this mystery lady is to be found is a secret known to Divinity and no one else. Anything female between the ages of 18 and 72 is bitter, duplicitous, and just knows that the male in question (that's you) would be a fine trophy, a storybook father, and a good provider - once she straightens him out. So if you want to trade your nights on the town, your sports bars, your hobbies, your dog (he sheds all over the carpet, and the children are allergic to him!), and 90% of your income for a self-centered, whinging baby factory, go ahead. It isn't my life, money, or sanity.

    Go slow.

    Real slow. Real, real slow. Take time to think this out, and if you have any doubts at all - call the whole thing off.

    Reciprocate it. It takes time, longer now than ever before.

    But since you're a young man, you won't really know about that. They, the women, will know. Their mothers, aunts, and SJW Feminazi magazines and TV programs tell them all about it, constantly. They don't want slow; they want instant gratification and a roll of c-notes.

    Treat all women as respectfully if you can.

    And realize that the term 'respectfully' is relative, and is defined by the psychotic SJW you're trying to disentangle yourself from. You should also understand that you may not be able to treat her respectfully at all times - like when she wants to get rid of your dog, or tells you she 'isn't comfortable' with you going out hunting, or insists on you trying a vegan diet sans alcohol for six months.

    If you must break with them - try to break clean.

    He means 'when', not 'if'. I don't know what's wrong with him... The 'clean' break, if it's initiated by you (the male), is a fantasy. The thing to do is get her to fixate on someone else so that she'll break up with you. That will spare you the three to five years of harassment you'll get otherwise, and will also spare you from having to get a restraining order against her because she keeps calling you at two in the morning, and then showing up drunk and viscous at your place around three in the morning, raising holy hell at the top of her lungs, pissing your neighbors off (hey, I'm not the one who decided this relationship was a good idea. Why's she keeping me, your neighbor, up at night?), and possibly trying to burn your place down with you and the dog in it.

    Women may have changed a lot under the pressures of modern society - but the way to treat them remains the same.

    He's wrong. Women have changed a lot, yes. You, the male, have to adopt modern strategies, tactics, and techniques to cope with these changes. See the 'break up' example above.

    It's a new world, and I'm happy to be a single, lonely old bachelor who never married.