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Saturday, 30 December 2017

Ya Think...?

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  1. It isn't spanking or lack thereof; it's parental tolerance for bad behavior. My parents taught me how to behave like a civilized human being from the time I was old enough to repeat the Old Man's profanity during church services. Mom was the teacher, and Mom was patient. Knowing that every boy child wants to be just like his father (it's hard wired into us), Mom could always point to Dad as a role model. That fixed almost all the issues, except, like I say, language.

    Today, as likely as not there is no father present. Even if there is a father, he may hold social amenities in contempt, preferring to inflict the raucous vagaries of his offspring on others rather than suppress the little darling. I see a lot of that.

    On the other side of the aisle, I also see single mothers who have learned to cope without her beer-swilling breadwinner. The kids are quiet and well-behaved, and the mother works hard at it. Because, you see, it ain't easy.

    Now me, I never had the temperament to raise a child. The inevitable chaos would, in short order, provoke an outburst of invective that would do any drunken longshoreman credit. Not the best solution for a cranky five year old.