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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Score At Value Village!

Now that I am unemployed - I have been forced into a life of minimalism and poverty. But, I am no stranger to either and do quite well for myself. The other day I found a lime green leisure suit to wear to job interviews - for $4.95! Awesome! I had two bucks left over for a pair of sweatpants too!

Just the ticket for casual wear and occasions!

Filthicus: Blood And Sand

Once again the blog stats are in the crapper! Only artificially intelligent retarded bots, disgruntled old farts, and degenerates are tuning in - and I need to jack up the ratings either with blood sport or porn! And since my disgraceful conduct with 'girls and guns' incidents... my Rule 5 license got revoked - so we are back to gratuitous blood and violence!

Once again, vicious monsters from the far flung corners of the civilized world have been captured, and brought here to fight and die for your amusement! Behold, my countrymen: the first animal gladiators assemble for your entertainment, and their date with death and destiny!

I ask you again, my countrymen!!! Are you NOT entertained?!?!

Also for your amusement, friends, Romans and Americans: two mummers will be crucified in public for their low browed punnery! Let their painful deaths amuse the righteous - and serve as a warning to others that would try the patience of the Great And Powerful Filthicus!

Guards! I want these two killed as painfully and inhumanely as possible!!!!
...err... and I will deal with the rolls!

Forgive my fwench...

But there are times when chitlibs and femcnuts are absolutely right, and we have no business arguing with them:

Saints Among Us

When I was a kid there was a kindly old guy that went around picking up pop cans and beer bottles. He had a shopping cart but unlike your typical urban outdoorsman he was always dressed to the nines. He was always polite and courteous to us kids and passersby; but I never figured out his gig because I never asked. One day the local community newspaper did an interview on him and it turned out he was a well off retired business exec that collected the cans and bottles as something to do and keep him busy - and he gave the money to local charities and food banks. He disappeared shortly after that and I never recall seeing him again.

I guess that they found his Russian counterpart:

A British Martial Theme Here At The Thunderbox Today...

As a loyal Canukistani citizen I used to be, by extension, a loyal subject of The Crown as well. Then Chuck and Di happened and if the Royal line ended with Elizabeth, I suppose that'd be a good thing. I held out hope for Prince Harry for awhile - but he's just shaping up to be another pillock the same as his dad and big brother. Screw 'em - the Royals are much like England itself: a decaying symbol of a decaying country.

The theme of today's musical selection is from the glory days of Empire. Imagine America trying to hold it's place in the world today if there were not only China and Russia - but 5 or 6 other equally powerful nations. Britannia did just that, and at her peak commanded 3/5ths of the globe. She did that with sail, steel, and shot. No technological super-weapons, no aircraft carrier groups. Your sword and your pistol were all that separated you from a hole in the ground leagues away from your home and loved ones. Yet they did it, and did it in style!

Here's forty shillings on the drum
For those who volunteer to come,
To 'list and fight the foe today
Over the Hills and far away

O'er the hills and o'er the Main
Through Flanders, Portugal and Spain
King George commands and we obey
Over the hills and far away

When duty calls me I must go
To stand and face another foe
But part of me will always stray
Over the hills and far away

If I should fall to rise no more
As many comrades did before
Then ask the pipes and drums to play
Over the hills and far away

Then fall in lads behind the drum
With colours blazing like the sun
Along the road to come what may
Over the hills and far away

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Industrial Artisans

Range Day

I am guessing that's a Springfield...?
Darn it. I am starting to get a hankerin' for cast lead bullets
and holy black powder again.
Here is a treat for those of you that can't make it out today.

New Sign Up At Mad Jack's

I need one of those up on my out house. The older I get, the more I find myself not giving a hoot anymore about other people's triggers, hot buttons, or hang ups. And - many of mine are going off line too, thankfully. I wonder if it has something to do with my new found faith? I'm chewing through the new testament and I can't find one thing wrong with anything it says. In fact, I feel right laid back after reading it, most times. Maybe is that I just have seen it all, and you can't shock or outrage me anymore. Stupid people will do what they do to themselves, and as for me, I'll keep my guns and bible close and look after myself and mine.

That doesn't mean I will always walk away from a fight; but I certainly won't show up for every single one that I am invited to.

Sensitivity Mobs

I don't do Twitter for fear of some internet wise arse bunghole shoving both of my feet in my mouth for me the same way it happened for this virtue signalling social justice warrior here.

We had the same issue up here awhile back with our football team, the Edmonton Eskimos. Apparently the term 'eskimo' is offensive (no doubt, to some white male liberals) - and a big to-do broke out about changing the name of the team. I dunno whatever happened with that, I don't do sportzball or social justice either.

Such are the problems of stupid people with no lives, I guess. As for me, it's range day today, so I have better things to do.

Lookit that fuggin' polar bar with all his toxic masculinity
and white privilege!

Monday, 29 January 2018

When We Were Kings

I try and stay out of the pot debates for the most part. I'm against it, and that doesn't sit well with the 'rights and freedoms' fellas. And that's fair, I suppose, their stance is not without merit. But - I think it's the wrong way to frame the weed debate.

My stance is - shouldn't our kids have better things to do with their money? Never mind the adults?

It's not much of an argument, I admit - but it's enough for me.

Sunday, 28 January 2018

My Next Job...?

The Heavy Light Sniper


Boys, I dunno what to think. I dug out a forgotten relic from my gun safe awhile back, and against my instincts - I am becoming smitten. Let me explain: I hate modern bolt action rifles. They're made of plastic, half of 'em shoot sub MOA right outta the box, and they have no heart and soul. (I very much love old milsurps though, such as the Enfields, Springfields and Mausers). It's the new guns I can't stand.

But peer pressure is what it is and I bought a chit house Remington 700 SPS tactical in 308 a couple years back - put a few rounds through it and threw it in the safe and forgot about it. It had a fine Swarovski 3x9 on it and a year or two later I was going to take it out for deer... and I started to play with it. The factory bull barrel was a POS. I didn't care, ya don't expect premium quality for an econo-job. I swapped it out for a Shilen Match heavy contour 20" pipe, twisted to stabalize 168 grain match bullets - and she started shooting all of a sudden. Groups typically run between .5 and .7" at 100 and while that isn't spectacular - it's acceptable for a pocket light sniper and hunting optics.

I never went hunting, I was too lazy to come out of retirement. But I kept tinkering with the rifle. So now, I want to start pushing this thing. Now I need more serious optics and pulled out a Trijicon 5x25. (Yeah - I should be shooting Nightforce but I'm between jobs right now, so I gotta get by with the Trijicon - which really isn't a bargain basement scope to be honest). Anyhoo:

There she is, in the cradle, with the new big scope attached.
This light sniper is picking up some serious weight now.
But now we have semi-respectable optics to work with.

I've never really futzed around with seating depths on this rifle. I'd just seat my bullets out as far as the mag allowed and run with that. But now, I am going to start seriously trying to tailor a load specific to this gun: I am going to seat the bullets long - the theory being that the closer the bullet is to the lands of the rifling, the less 'jump' is required by the bullet, and the bearing surface of the bullet is presented more truly to the rifling - which theoretically means better accuracy. Longer shells means that the gun will be effectively a single shot - which I don't mind for range or hunting because I only ever need one shell anyways.

Take an empty case, partially seat it - then ram it 
into the action and close it.
That is your minimum seating depth.
I'm gonna set my bullets about .0005 less than that to start.

The one on top is one of my standard practice shells and will cycle through the magazine.
The one on the bottom is about .0048" longer
and should be more accurate if my theories hold.

There's no guarantees with any of this monkey business. I have friends that swear it's a pile of hooey. But I had a Ruger No.1 that absolutely loved ammo with bullets seated as far out as they could go, so who knows? Every rifle is a law unto itself.

Of course, this in turn raises other monkey business. With the bullet seated out further, you have more room in the case, which means lower pressures and lower velocities. If this works I will probably have to bark up my powder charges a smidge and who knows what that will do?

I am hoping to get out to the range today or tomorrow and we'll see what happens. We'll keep ya posted.

Culture Corner: Classical Painters

You guessed it: 15th century clas
sical Piccasshole...

Politics: Eeeeeeevil Joooooos

Yesterday at coffee I was being entertained by King Peter Of Poland and his wife, Mary. Pete is an unabashed anti-Semite. I love the guy - we were at Starbucks, a literal shitlib/snowflake political safe place where the guys all ride light in the loafers, and half the women have bigger balls than their men - and Pete lectures loudly and proudly about Jewish malfeasance! Oh man - if looks could kill, we would have both been reduced to small, smouldering piles of ash! HAR HAR HAR! I'll bet we offended more than a few greasy gay hipsters and hairy chested feminists yesterday!

The first time Pete spouted off about Joos a couple years back, I got offended because I was brought up to unconditionally respect them - and I did for years. But slowly - especially after meeting Pete - I started checking things out for myself and I noticed that Pete was right about a whole bunch of things - and the Jews - as a group - were not being entirely honest with the rest of us.

Pete and a lot of guys like him turn us off because they give eeeeevil joooos magical powers that can turn the rest of us into unthinking peons that will do their dirty work with one dirty look from a Rabbi. No, the joo on the street probably did not do 911, start WW1 and 2, or destroy the stock market in 1929 etc etc ad nauseum. I don't like conspiracy theories on the whole. The ones I despise most are the ones that are too plausible.

But... they do own large chunks of Hollywood and the mass media. Nobody can deny that their conduct lately has been anything short of deplorable. They are vastly over-represented in politics where they have been big players in The Deep State. They are going all in with this Russia-gate crap. Worst of all - in today's society it has become almost illegal to criticize them. I could see the twinks and flinks around us at Starbucks getting seriously triggered by the conversation.

Unlike King Peter, no, I don't think we need to round them all up and make soap and lampshades out of them - but as a group? Welp, I think it's safe to say that as a group, they are very intelligent, they are very hard workers - and they are out for their own good - same as anyone else in that regard. And same as anyone else - power and money tend to corrupt. Hell, if I owned the media and politicos there would be no gun laws, no affirmative action, no immigration, and no funding for the liberal arts in secondary education. I could be easily corrupted too.

I don't think we need to be suspicious of Jews... but we definitely need to be skeptical. These guys have their own agenda and that's fair, we just need to make sure it coincides with ours before we commit to partnering up with them on anything, or letting them influence us.

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Got A Little Snow Up Here Last Night...

I'd say the dawg is the smarter of the two...

Oh Hell Yes

.224 Valkyrie

The number of new and improved cartridges out there has gone beyond stupid. Most are ballistic clones of other standard cartridges and very, very few offer something better. The AR is a hotbed of new cartridge development and there have been some spectacular failures there - the .22 Nosler comes to mind. Reports I've seen indicate mediocre accuracy and an appetite for shredding brass. Who needs crap like that?

I watched the .224 Valkyrie cartridge development with interest. On paper it seems to address the failures of the .22 Nosler and might approach the ballistics of the .243 Winchester in a case usable by the AR platform. Preliminary range reports seem positive for the most part. Everything is still very preliminary as far as the hunting field is concerned, but the first reviews are coming in on that now too - and in my opinion, are less than stellar.

If yer squeamish, don't watch it.
I don't hunt like this and consider it rather unsporting myself,
but I live up in Alberta where a guy can still set up a base camp 
in the foothills and hunt where his feet take him.
Sadly, this is as close to hunting as many people can get
in the more populated states down south.

I subscribe to this channel and like the author's work for the most part. But lord, I think he shat the bed on this one. The .224 Valkyrie did a rather sloppy job on the bucks, and barely serviceable kills on the doe. Remember, these are lighter, thinner skinned critters than we get up north. I've killed deer with .25-06, .308, .303 Brit myself. I have seen them killed with .243, 7mm magnum .30-06, 300 win mag, etc etc. ALL of them will kill deer faster and more humanely than the Valkyrie did here. Oddly enough, in my personal experience, nothing - and I mean NOTHING - kills deer with the speed and authority of the .25-06. Oh sure, the bigger guns will kill 'em just as dead, just as fast... but then you get meat damage. Our boys in the vid kept these ranges really short, too. Their shot placement was perfect. In my biased and no doubt uninformed opinion - this cartridge is probably not a good pick for deer. If you have to use it, make sure you are a marksman with the discipline to reject less than perfect shots. I could be the one chitting the bed here - we need more hunters in the field and more metal in the meat to make an informed opinion.

Just my two bits, but there are far better guns for the job.

Friday, 26 January 2018

Gun Porn

GOOD Boy!!!

Babysitter Of The Year

Filthie's Speakeasy: Friday Kareoke

It's Friday, I am pished to the gills, and I'm enjoying some fine
Friday music! 
Sing alone everyone...hic....!!!


Anyone know who that slob is that passed out down at the end of the bar? Not him, that's Pete F... the guy further down...? The guy that came in with the cat and the horse...? Before he crapped out, he made a request!

Gun Rant

The other day I went to the range to decompress and shake hands with my rifles, which I hadn't seen in a long time. I had nice AR frankengun made for me awhile back, and my "light sniper" - a Rem 700 SPS Tactical.

Don't buy one a these unless you are prepared to upgrade.

I was unimpressed with mine to be honest - but it was a low end bargain gun to begin with. The idea behind these things is that you keep the action, and slowly start swapping out and upgrading parts the same way ya do with an AR15. Mine had a chitty factory barrel so I got a Shilen match heavy contour 20" SS pipe, and have thrown a Swarovski 3x9 on it for now. I may get a Timney trigger on it and a proper stock one day too... who knows? Last thing I need right now is another money pit I suppose. 

The day's experiment was to pit Hornady 168 gr. HPBT match bullets 
against Sierra's version of the same. 
Powder, primer and brass were the exact same for both,
only the bullets were changed.

I was a little shaky but the results I got showed the Sierra Match Kings to be slightly more accurate than the Hornady: by about .2~.4 of an inch at 100m. If you are out hunting medals and shooting for blood - that is quite a bit of an improvement. For turkey shoots against bums like Pete and Jack and Quartermain - the cheaper Hornady bullets are just fine. Velocities are around 2750 FPS and that's fine, I've burned up good barrels on targets before as I looked for the highest possible velocities - and I don't want to do it to this one. 

I am trying really hard not to like this rifle but I can't help it. I think I am falling in love with it! It's about as short as your kid's Daisy BB gun - and sure, it's heavy with that match pipe hanging off it... but you pick up on accuracy because of that. I wouldn't think twice about taking a decent shot at 300 yards. The problem I have now is that I am limited by that scope. There is no better hunting scope than a good 3x9 - and it doesn't get much better than Swarovski as far as that goes - but for punching paper I think I am going to have to break down and slap my 5x25 Trijicon on it. That is a big bejeezus scope with adjustable turrets and parallax. Putting a beast like that on a small light sniper might make it ungainly - so we'll have to see, I guess. Ya don't know until you try!

I could be anal about all this and try different powders, primers and brass - there was a time when I would have done that... but as I get older I just don't give a chit anymore. If I am out on the range and some bum like BW or Wirecutter gives me a spanking I just smile and take my lumps. It's all about fun.

Having said that, I am going to bump things up a bit. One of the basic steps is to seat your bullets out as close as possible to the lands of the rifling - the idea is that the bullet has less of a jump to engage the rifling and gets presented to it truer - which means more accuracy down range. I had a Ruger No.1 in 25-06 that I would seat 'em out as far as they would go - and that thing shot like a Stradivarius. I've seen other rifles that could care less about seating depths. If I do that, I can't load from the magazine because the bullets will be too long. Everything is a trade off in this sport - and finding out what your gun likes to eat is half the fun.

We'll keep ya posted; that is enough gun nonsense for today.

Thursday, 25 January 2018

We Are ALL Going To Hell

When I was a kid I was a dumbass. Like most young men I knew it all, my parents and elders were all assholes and morons, and when I got out of high school I went into The School Of Hard Knocks and got my attitude adjusted.

If I was a kid today I would probably have face jewelry, tattoos and gawd knows what else. And I would probably be gobbling Tide Pods too. I would like to think I'd still be too smart to be a queer or vote liberal but who knows after the schooling these kids get?

Are kids really getting dumber these days or is it just grumpy old men griping about them like they always have?

Jack Goes To Hell

And it serves him right!
Drink it straight, right out of the jerry can boys.

I don't care for Glenfiddich myself - or at least any of the bottling I have been able to lay hands on. Good scotch is NEVER mixed. Not even water or ice. It should be served at room temperature, beside a brook or campfire, and be accompanied by a cigar of respectable make.

Dunno if that holds for bourbon but I handle that the same way and have never been disappointed.

Legal Pot

One of my friends with my former employers just texted me. Awhile back they hired a tech for the lab. We'd had such a turnover during my employment with them that the second I met a new employee, I'd profile him or her and tell The Crack or Big Al what that person's hang up was and how long they would make it with us.

For example, the last tech they hired: unshaven skinny 30-something kid with a toque; with the hipster look - "Hey Al, why'jya hire a pot head?" A month later, the kid smells like weed, shows up at work high as a kite - and home he goes.

The last one was a pot head too - this time a mousey looking lady in her fourties. "He Al - why'djya hire another pot head after having to fire the last one?" Poor Al grit his teeth and told us to FOAD, or we could hire the next one with his compliments. Sure enough, one day she shows up high as a kite, stinking of weed, and gets sent home.

The next day she shows up at work with a note from her doctor. It's medical pot!!!

I personally don't care as far as my former employers go; their shop could burn to the ground and I could care less (except for my friends there, of course). But... what about a regular business? What are the legal ramifications of this? How is an honest employer supposed to cope with legal pot heads in the workplace now? Will it be legal to fire "medicated patients" from work? How can you be expected to hire somebody like that and be productive and responsible?

Interesting times are ahead.

A Nightmare...

I dunno if Civil War 2 would break out before or after
an election like that...

Comments Were Wisely Disabled

Apparently the cat ladies and soy boys over at the Glob And Snail just discovered a horrifying truth: they suck and everyone hates them. Apparently they are astonished by this. (But they DID have the presence of mind to disable the comments, as it seems that more and more - that is where the truth and real story will be on anything written by that leftwing chit rag).

I always knew the press was biased and slanted. As a gun geek I heard those fart suckers quote phony stats, make outlandish statements, and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that none of those slobs knew a thing about the subject. Whenever it came up, the talking heads were cunned stunts like Feinstein, Sarah Brady or some other clueless clot head that would emote for the cameras while cops and gun club stubfarts ground their teeth in fury.

The finals straw came, funnily enough, at the gun club where I was talking to a grizzled vet back from Afghanistan. He must a been about 23. He was almost in tears as he described his stint, how he and his squaddies were rebuilding life and civilization over there with schools, hospitals and courthouses. But all you read in the media was the usual blood dancing liberal slobs trying to make the effort look like a hopeless schmoz like Viet Nam.

Now I know a guy has to be careful about what he says lest he be accused of uttering threats. No, maybe journalists shouldn't be hung from trees by angry mobs. But if they were to be tried by a jury of patriots, found guilty of treason, and frog marched out into the courtyard to be shot by a lawfully assembled firing squad - I would smile, buy a round for the house and call it a good day.

A Flawed Ammo Guide, Of Sorts

Hmmmmmm.... beside the 9mm, there should be a European transgendered otherkin - which they misplaced beside the .40 S&W. The pic of the .357 chick should be beside the .45 Long Colt. And... jap anime? I can only conclude this is the work of some soy boy wannabe.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

From Uncle Bob's Vintage Porn Files

Redheads, blondes, Thompson machine guns
and Chinamen. It just has to be good!

Of course, we only read these things for the articles and stories.

From CW's Friday Open Roads File

I think I'll be staying off the road this Friday, thank you very much! HAR HAR HAR!!!

Join Me Under All The Frooty Colours Of The Rainbow, Boys...

Wonder if they have 'em in Extra Rotund...?

He Just HAS To Be One Of Ours

I hesitated to post this one because one of my more respectable readers is in a pickle something like this right now. But he is a good egg, and if I have overstepped my boundaries - I would hope that he would see that it was meant in fun. But part of me could see him pulling a stunt like this were he not a gentleman of admirable chivalry.

I've never been divorced, but I know what it's like to have your heart broken by women and sometimes a good sense of humour and sport is all ya got.

Open roads, boys, and may the winds be at your back.

Range Day

Been unemployed for a week now. Every day I wake up and scour the job boards and career sections of the better companies and apply for anything that sounds promising. I don't care so much about money as I do about working conditions. I don't want to work for nutters.

Speaking of which, the other salesman at my old company put in his notice too, a week after I put in mine. It shouldn't matter to me because I quit and walked away - but the separation hasn't fully kicked in yet, I guess. I am glad he had the smarts to leave as I did - but I'm sad to see 10 years worth of work going down the crapper as the company runs itself into the dirt. But - you can only look in the rear view mirror so long - your eye needs to be on the road ahead too.

Today I am going to do some banking, run some errands and then head out to the range. I feel guilty, enjoying the range when I should be working - but ya gotta look after your mental health too. I get squirelly without a job and need work the same way I need food and water.

Welp, the sun's gonna be up soon and then I'll be burning daylight. Time to saddle up, and head out for Dawg Patrol. Ya'll have yourselves a good Tuesday - and be thankful for your job if it's one you can handle.  :)

Monday, 22 January 2018

News From Under The Rock...

I don't have much problem being an old fart - I've had my wild and wooly youth, such as it was, but now I am all grown up with the emotional constitution of maybe an 17 year old. But time betrays everyone and there are times when I watch the kids in total befuddlement. I don't get them. I don't understand them, I don't see what drives them and there are times when I sincerely fear for them. On the internet there are times I come across them and they are talking about stuff I have no clue about.

I guess it's a thing where they eat Tide laundry bombs as some kind a YouTube stunt. I do know as a teen I woulda been all over that and most of my idiot friends would be too. As an old fart though, perspective and age come into play.

Some old dogs CAN learn new tricks.
Proceed as required, men.

The Art Of The Mag Dump

That is some mighty fine pistolcraft going on...

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Filthicus: Blood And Sand

Well once again the old blog stats are diving, and it's time for me to revive them with blood sport and savagery! Once again, my legions have scoured the four corners of the globe, and at great risk and cost to themselves, they've captured blood thirsty monsters from distant lands, and brought them here to fight and die in the arena for our amusement!

I ask you, my countrymen: Are you not entertained?
I had a little grey cat like that once and loved him dearly
Wrestling with him was like
sticking your hand in a Moulinex though.
This dawg will not be so happy
when that little one grows.


I Guess The Ugly Old Cat Ladies Were On The March Again...

If anybody ever figures out what those cunned stunts are protesting about -
be a sport and let me know.
At least their cats at home caught a break...

Yannow, I just don't get it with these angry cat ladies and feminist rage heads. What in hell are they b*tching about? And what will it take to make these rancid xirls happy? Hopefully the next plane over this lot is packing some napalm, HAR HAR HAR!!!

I suppose I shouldn't be a dork. My daughter is probably one of those and oft times I'll throw a prayer out for her hoping that she's found whatever it is she wants out of life. As for this lot - I don't think they are going to find any happiness in street protests... but what do I know?

High Capacity Assault Muzzle Loader

That's a swivel breech muzzle loader - probably built from a kit. These rifles are funny critters - you can spend a hundred hours fitting and filing with files that resemble dental tools (and they are the best thing for the job, no doubt about it! A slip with a dremel on one of these stocks - and it's firewood!). I have a set of 'em called 'rifflers'. Mine are cheap Chinese jobs but they work after a fashion.

Personally I am not enamoured of the concept; but I am a rifleman of sorts, I pick my shots and if I don't like the odds of a clean kill - I am perfectly content to turn my nose up at it and let Bambi walk away. But, from an engineering perspective - this thing is pure genius.

Look at the flawless crown work on the top barrel.
That makes it faster and easier to start the round lead ball and patch
down the bore.

These flawless guns are often built by old retired stubfarts with too much time on their hands, and need something to pour their love and time into. I used to think the best place for such firearms was hanging up on the wall over the fireplace or in the game room... but the old stogies I've heard from that build these things would be incensed. They are meant to be admired AND shot, and even a doe or a spike buck becomes a trophy when harvested with a gun like this.

I was going to build one years ago myself, but life and circumstance got in my way and now it's probably too late to develop the skills required. I might do a pipe hawk and maybe a knife yet... I'll have to see how that goes because I don't have the skill for that either! For now, I need something to keep my hands and mind busy while I suffer through a bout of unemployment and look for my next job(s). We'll see how it goes... if my sanity holds up, I just might get some arts n' crafts in.

Going Cross-Eyed

Well I finally got a bible from the old fella at my wife's church a week back, it's one a those little ones they hand out to kids in elementary school! I've been chewing on it for a week now and finally finished the first chapter.

I could read it faster but there's a lot here. I used to think of these passages as so much claptrap - but once you sit down with them and chew on them - there's a lot going on here and some of it gives some serious pause for thought.

Today the pastor or deacon or whatever his title was - was speechin' about how we are honour bound as Christians to respect our gubbimint leaders, our employers and treat them with deference and courtesy. For me it was like swallowing a great big turd; it goes against my grain to treat chitbirds like Justin Trudeau (Turdo La Doo, as we call him up here in Canada) - with respect. And my career has trained me to treat employers as they treat employees - if they are dishonest and abusive I walk away and no bones about it. I'm unemployed right now because my former employer has turned into a real nasty piece of work. I submitted my notice, and treated them well - but I told them EXACTLY why I was quitting and wouldn't be dealing with them in the future.

For the first time I find myself seriously at odds with the man at the lectern, it's been my experience that if you submit to bullies, they never go away - in fact, they start pushing you for as much as they can. Although I would never abuse my new found faith to pray for a steam roller to run over Turdo La Doo... I am not above buying a round for the house if it happens. There are some people in this world that we are just better without.

I can see him saying we should pray for our leaders, and I will render unto Ceasar what is Ceasar's ... but I will not bow down to him.

Colouring At Uncle Bob's School For Wayward Boys N' Retards

I confiscated these off of Wirecutter and gave him a detention
for trolling in a designated safe place.

Saturday, 20 January 2018

The Less I Know About This The Better

Although Wirecutter would probly peg these three for Californians
or Okies or Florida residents,
their riflecraft and the fact that they aren't smart enough
to nuke a pizza leaves me thinking they are probably
from Queerbec.

Saturday Morning On Sesame Street...

I can tell you Kermit was right.
It's not easy being green.

Canada's Safe Storage Laws

Up here in Canada if ya wanna own a gun ya gotta write a test to keep otherwise unemployable cod gobbling Newfies at the Canadian Firearms Center employed to prove you are smart and safe enough to be trusted with one. I did it over a decade ago and passed it easily; it was intended more as a rights grab than a cash grab - but Canadians pretty much told the liberal fart suckers where to go and how to get there on that one.

One of the big deals about the course is safe storage of firearms and I can see that - ya don't want curious kids getting into guns and ammo unless they are in the right setting for it. But one of the most lame justifications for safe storage was one that only your typical clot headed liberal idiot could come up with:

The idea is that ya lock the gun up in a cabinet, and lock the ammo up somewhere else. (I don't do it, nor does any gun owner I know). The reason ya do that, according to our liberal firearms experts - is that if ya decide to commit suicide or maybe knock off a liquor store - undoing all the locks will slow you down and give you a chance to think things through and maybe think better of it!!! HAR HAR HAR!!! I'm serious. Yeah, that's why our gun laws are largely ignored by most Canadian sportsmen. Safe storage my ass. Lock 'em up when the little ones are around or you're storing them for an extended period and in the real world, you're fine. When I was a kid there was a gun rack in pretty much every home and we knew we would get flogged if we played with our father's guns.

But then I see stuff like this...

Maybe we SHOULD lock up our flame throwers as well.
Big kids can't be trusted either...

No Surprise There...

Not even a comb-over is possible now.