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Thursday, 8 February 2018

Care For A Morning Martini?

This is Canada's (and pretty much the British Commonwealth) response to America's Springfield Trapdoor rifle. Unlike the Springfield's 45-7 cartridge, the Martini Henry is chambered in the long obsolete 577/450.

There has been a resurgence of long dead American blackpowder guns and even I have a much loved Remington rolling block single shot. My arch enemies at the rod and gun club all have Sharps and Springfields and we have a ball with them. The old British guns? They are still deader n' a dodo.

Or are they?

My first introduction to the Martini-Henry rifle was by way of Private McKenzie of Her Majesty's Royal YouTube Light Rifle Regiment. Apparently, there is a small contingent of shooters bringing these grand old rifles back to life.

I dunno if I will ever have one, but I seriously think about it every time I see them. Ammo is strictly a handloader's proposition; I think I've seen a box of 20 shells going for around $160.00 - if you can find it. For that price, you can buy the dies and form your own - but you have to know exactly what you're doing. It's not hard or rocket science - but it DOES take serious dedication. Making these old big boomers shoot - and shoot well - is not easy. If you like reloading and vintage firearms as I do - Private McKenzie will take you through the process.

You'll have to build these shells from the ground up, boys.
You'll have to be at the peak of your game with casting bullets too!

I've corresponded with the good Private a couple of times and I've watched all his vids. He shoots in some of the finest real estate you could ask for - the Canadian Rocky Mountains.


  1. I have always admired them and have seen a few but no chance of ever having one. I do have a 1913 BSA 303 which is as close as I will get.

    1. I could, Sunny... but I have too many guns already. In fact I am probably going to sell a few ... and that hurts!

      The other one ya need to put on your list for the next life is the Snider Enfield - same archaic chambering but a charming and simple action.

    2. I have heard the name but don't remember seeing any. the old Endfield is very accurate if they just sold the ammo, I have to get it at gun shows but I can reload it. When I was growing up, 303 was a popular round and you could buy it anywhere.

  2. Want.

    When I win that damn lotto.