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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Awaiting Confirmation

Scuttlebutt has it that this is the lumber mill out at Whitecourt... if I recall, it's Millar Western. The story goes that one of our gunnies was up on that thing before it went, and it all came down on his welding truck. Preliminary reports say our boy has 30 stitches but he's fine. Apparently it was a "Friday The 13th" thing. OH&S is gonna have a fuggin bird!!!


  1. 'Torch was a little too hot, I guess...

    1. The mills are running on the ragged edge up here, Pete. The cut maintenance to save a buck, they don't stock spares, they run equipment until it explodes...and they guys are going off sick with ulcers and stress problems. Somebody is going to get their ass kicked here and I'm hoping it's one of the slobs in the boardroom for a change...

  2. With lumber mills, it is when they burn, not if they burn.