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Filthie's Mobile Fortress Of Solitude
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Saturday, 21 April 2018

Crimes Against Humanity

JFC. I 'ave a snoot full a scotch, guv.  A'hm pished to the gills, an' Ah huvn't the patience fer this  kinda chit...

Jackey boyo - roll out the cannons! Stoke  em with grape, chains, and canister! ASM! Climb up into the rigging and keep  a sharp eye! Bring the culverns, demifalcons  and and demi-culverns to bear! Quartermain - keep that Cutlass loose in it's scabbard! We'll take these villains broadside!!! Something stupid this way comes! Jess! Sunny! The Supervisor and Aggie! Form up on me!  The foe awaits! For the Glory Of  The Crown!!!

GAH! I have to go to church tomorrow. I'd love to stay here and fight with the rest of you - but duty calls. Hope you had a great Saturday, and that Sunday is twice as good. Take care, y'all.

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