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Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Drinkin' And Stinkin'

TB is reckoning with his inner idiot - and I have no doubt he will prevail.

I know EXACTLY where he's coming from. Good lord, when I look back at how much of my life I spent in the bottle - I just shake my head. For me, it was a coping mechanism for dealing with the lunatics in my family. It was so much easier to just go and crack a beer and forget about the lunatics running around and setting fires.
Sometimes I would head into the back country and just sit around the campfire and drink. I told myself I was living like a king - and indeed I was... but those loons were doing what they were doing and the kingly living always gave way to a hangover - plus whatever the loons had brewing for me.

A couple years back I finally broke down and dealt with the loons. One by one I removed them from my life - but I still kept drinking heavier than I should have. It was force of habit, I think. Last year, for some unknown reason though - I pretty much stopped. It had nothing to do with church, or nagging from the wife (she would never do that), or doctors. One day I just woke up and realized I didn't need a drink anymore.

I still drink - I got pished last week - on three drinks! GAH! It's just as well, I have no tolerance for it anymore. I dunno if it's maturity, old age or senility, but my life's old millstones just seem to be getting lighter as I age. The hell of that is - the few that I have still seem to weigh more than they should!

Clearly I need some deep psychiatric counselling from a professional. I shall call up Jack and make an appointment soon.


  1. Clearly I need some deep psychiatric counselling from a professional.

    You think so, but all you really need is to buy yourself some quality whiskey and throw out that 150 proof aftershave you've been swilling down.

    I actually stopped drinking for a few years, and it didn't bother me one way or another. I've done it before, mainly when I was poor and couldn't afford liquor.

    I ran into the 'We don't drink at our church, you heathen' bit before. This, when one of the church elders would have a regular snort every night. My pastor, a true theologian, made it clear that drinking was fine, but drunkenness was not. Likewise, it was not okay to be impaired when you might be called upon to serve.

    I remember an old saying from the Jolly Old officers who got stationed in tropical climates, "Never drink before noon, and never go to bed quite sober." Not bad, what?

    1. I think the guys in our church toe the line on that one for the most part. I don't care, if I want a drink out of the jerry can I will damned well have one. I answer to my Maker, not to the guys in church. Having said that, I admire and respect the men there.
      I just noticed that I am not really drinking coffee or tea anymore either. Weird.

  2. Replies
    1. I thought you might, TB. We all have one, it seems. ;)