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Saturday, 28 April 2018

Filthicus: Blood And Sand

Goddammitalltohell. I can't run an empire like this. We're all outta Joos and Christians to feed to the lions. I sent Jack, Pete and Quartermain to Africa to get some alligators to fight and die in the arena and they came back with zebras. Those things don't fight! All they do is sit around and eat and shit. The blog ratings are diving and I have no monsters for our bloodsport!

Hmmmmm. Perhaps I need to expand the victim class...? Maybe instead a Joos and Christians, I can feed queers, negroes, feminists, fwenchmen and other liberal turdies to my vicious predators? The idea just might have merit: the empire's social spending would go down and thin the parasites out a bit, my monsters would be kept fed, and we nobles would get our violence and blood! I'm gonna need to think on this some more.

In the meantime - watch, and recoil in horror as my starving lions fight to feed on each other! The horror! The savage beast! I ask you yet again: are you not entertained..?!?!?


  1. david and goliath. very entertaining.

  2. Glen:
    That ending gif was worth the price of admission...LOL.

    (btw, I've some "neighbors" doing nothing you can have for

    Stay safe.