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Saturday, 7 April 2018

Getting What You Asked For...

Z just got punted from Twitter. The fags n' cat ladies at Twatter don't know it but they just sealed their fate. Z is one of those rare people that can hate-think and hate-speak without using the language of hate. He uses wit and humour instead, and he's so good at it that by the time Lefty can figure out that he's been triggered and how - the topic of conversation has changed - AFTER everyone else has had a good rude joke at Lefty's expense. When you start moderating to exclude talent, controversy, and intellect - you don't have much to offer to retain the membership.

Banishment and censorship are double edged weapons and when idiots use them they usually end up hoisted on their own petards. Back when I was a kid, the health Nazis were busy saving us all from the evils of Big Tobacco - all our coffee rooms went non-smoking. Of course, the conversation-makers and socialites in our gang had to go out to smoke, so we went with them. Many of us caught chills and colds with them, and a few of us were out there anyways - so we started smoking too! Back in the coffee rooms a single pious disciple of health would sit alone sometimes and the rooms usually were empty.

I used to hang out on a Canadian Politics forum a lot because they were the only ones that would put up with my BS. (I have all the wrong opinions, and no respect for my intellectual and moral superiors and I got banned everywhere I went). But for a long time I posted on that forum telling dirty jokes, poking fun at the other posters and venting my spleen in the most politically incorrect ways. Eventually they got fed up with my BS, went politically correct and I got punted there too. Not one of those forums is around today. They all pretty much shuttered, or they languish with one or two posts every couple of months. OyTube, Fecesbook, and Twatter will all go the same way. I had a Fakebook account but never used it - I regarded it as a waste of time. I signed up for it because the guys at work said I should and when one of them hacked my account and played some rude jokes on me I closed it and never bothered re-opening it. (It wasn't because of the prank - I approve of rude practical jokes as long as there's some humour and love in it). But with a ropey mouth like mine, and my hatey wrongness about everything - I could see I had no place among the saints and holy of Facebook and Twatter. They look boring to me to be honest. A lot of people are starting to think so too. If the pattern holds, everyone will quit and Lefty will be sitting on a weaponized social platform with nobody to use it on. What fun is that?

I signed up for Gab and Z is right - there are a LOT of looney racists there. REAL racists, the kind that want to make soap out of the Joos, send the niggers back to Africa, and put the chinks back to work in laundromats and corner stores because the packies smell bad. (Okay, so some of it IS legit, HAR HAR HAR!!! HAR HAR HAR!!!). But the rude jokes and mems are like a balm to my soul. I grew up around off colour jokes and really missed them for years. I don't post on Gab but I stop by every day.

I dunno what it is about the human animal where they feel they gotta read crap they disagree with and then get mad about it. Even I do it - there's an old blogger I love to hate, he's fulla beans, and a complete turd - but every once and awhile I gotta go over there and read his crap and get offended. I think it's the same principal driving that as the one that makes dawgs smell each other's bung holes. But - why do we do it?

And it's not enough for us to get pished at it ourselves - we have to show it to all our other fellow monkeys, shriek and scream about it - and then gang up on the offender and drive him out! And - once he's gone, and our blue-butt-baboon friends have all settled down and are calm again - we miss him and wish he was still around so we could crap on him again.

There's times when I thank God I have the wherewithal to suck it up and be a man. It provides a sense of relief, calm and order that our howling feminists, cultural Marxists, social justice warriors and snowflakes will never have.

A pox on social media, and all their houses! Blogs are about as close as I wanna get to the concept and that's that about that!


  1. Social media is where those that have the site make millions, those that don't disagree with their politics are kicked around like a stray cat, and those that really don't care frequent rarely.

    I like blogging. Maybe I'm just too small of a fish, but I say what I want, and those that piss me off are's like sending them to a fourth dimension without any food and water.

    1. I wonder what the rules of free speech actually are, Jess, and the legalities involved. Do I have the right to free speech on your private property? Why - or why not? Z and I got in a fight about that too - I say Twatter and Bookface are private utilities, and private property like your blog - and the owners can set any rules they like. Z says they are public utilities like the town square, and the rules of free speech have to apply to those utilities the same way...

  2. You're right Glen, there are a lot of real racist assholes on GAB, but the mute button works wonders for that and I like how they don't babysit anybody. We're adults and don't need Jeff Zucker to hold our hand or sell our particulars. On fb or twitter you're the product being sold.