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Friday, 13 April 2018

Gun Porn

No doubt some pasty faced, spaghetti armed leftist twink
like David Hogg will be horrified by this.
"Look, Dave!!! It's an assault biathalon rifle!!!!"

Ok - I'm up! I'm up! Been down with the damn flu for two days now. Still sweating and clammy but I think I can make it into work without keeling over. I dunno if it is my imagination but these flus just seem to get worse and worse as I get older. I'm going to drag myself to work and have a day, I guess.

Last night I was wallowing in the deepest of flu misery when my wife got in beside me and started reading to me from my little bible that the nice old fart at church gave me. She caressed me as she read, and then she started humming some church hymns that were playing quietly on her ipad. I went from being in a cold/flu hell to a warm peaceful sleep I haven't enjoyed since I was a kid. Today I am snot nosed and clammy - but by the grace of God and my wife, I'm here! HAR HAR HAR!

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  1. maybe a good way to end every day. you could make it a habit.