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Sunday, 1 April 2018

Happy Easter! Jesus Was A Homo!

Well it's easter again but this one is different for me. It's my first one as an outhouse Christian of sorts, and I gotta say it's rather uncomfortable. There's A LOT of really angry, bitter people that hate the faith with the heat of 2000 suns.

The rage heads are out in force.
It's funny how the people that post stuff like this
are always the first stone and dung throwers in the
oh-so-fashionable sensitivity and diversity mobs.

Serves me right, I used to be an atheist that laughed at Christians and mocked them too.

Hmpfff. I'm on my first pass through the new testament
and I don't remember seeing that.
Yannow, I haven't seen a sanctimonious holy rolling bible 
thumper in decades.
I see that sort of behaviour every day among the feminists, Marxists, queers,
atheists, and other degenerates though.

Every time you turn around, these angry atheists are proclaiming that the faith exhorts the faithful to so shit unto others just as they themselves do it. I'll say it again - I am no religious expert, I have no experience with this faith thing - but I haven't come across one single thing in the bible so far that tells Christians that they can treat others like shite or look down their noses at them. Fact is I have read passages that specifically and clearly forbid that kind of behaviour. In fact, it specifically admonishes the faithful look at their own faults before pishing on others... Do any of these modern latter day scholars even READ the bible they hate so much?

And a happy eichst de reicht ze roggenzahoggen 
to you too, young lady.
That li'l gal will make a fine social justice warrior one day,

The biggest problem I have with the faith is the mythology of the crucifixion and  resurrection. That just sticks in my craw as I am a modern man, specifically raised and educated to reject superstition and boojum voodoo. I think a lot of modern and new Christians must struggle with it to some extent.

LOL. An old goat of a blogger that I love to hate is lolloping around telling
everyone that in addition to all my other crimes,
I stole all my holidays too.

Errrrr.... so did I steal easter from the krauts or the Babylonians?
And who did they steal it from?

I'm okay with it. Seriously - whatever. If some idiots want to piss all over themselves and the faith I have no problems with it. In fact, somewhere in the New Testament one of the disciples said that kind a thing isn't my problem. I was going to crap in the comments of that old fart's blog for a rude joke, but left him in peace after recalling that passage. Hmpfff! The bible works!!! Who woulda thunk it??? In fact, there's a sort of rude inside joke that me and my Maker have on the old fart - the old fella has no idea that the christianity saved him from another angry hissy-fit! HAR HAR HAR! HAR HAR HAR! I have always believed that God has a sense of humour. Maybe my lesson in all this is that I should appreciate idiots for their entertainment value and not get angry with them? Perhaps there's a rude joke in all that on me too! Recently one of our elders said that God put those idiots on this earth as surely as the rest of us, and if we have problems with them, it's on us - not the idiots. Further, it's on us to find a peacable solution to their issues too. For me, it is a difficult lesson to remember and retain.

Come and take them, morons.
(Molon Labe).

For us up here in Canada easter is not a time of fertility and rebirth. It's -10C out there, the snow is gonna be there for at least another three weeks, and of course, my hoople-headed dawgs want me to go out and play in it with them at 6:30am! I suppose for us up here in Aaaaaadmontin, there are elements of easter that make it even more appealing. I could sure use some spring right now. Easter is a reminder to us Canadians that fair weather is just around the corner. Also that we've survived another winter.

If I make it by the church today, I will toss out a few prayers for my family as I always do - and maybe one or two for you and yours. As always, have a happy easter and God bless. It's a darned tough time to be a Christian out there.


  1. hi, sweetie!
    a blessed Pascha to you.
    it is palm Sonday for us Orthodox.
    we only say 'easter' when talking in general to the non-Orthodox public, but we say Pascha normally.
    Pesach is the Hebrew word for 'passover lamb', the one firstborn perfect male of a young ewe, and which has been raised as a pet and well-loved family member.
    then it is sacrificed at Passover. this causes grief in the family-- the same grief we feel when we remember the sacrifice of our own Pesach, the Lord, Jesus the Christ.
    Christ means 'the Anointed One'.
    Pascha is the Greek word.
    in English we say 'Resurrection'.
    therefore may God the Holy Spirit fall upon you and your entire family this Resurrection season!
    God bless you!

  2. If you really want to understand the evil people can tolerate, the killing of Jesus is a good example. A feckless leader was too corrupt, religious leaders didn't want their comfortable life to be disrupted, and mobs enjoyed the public torture.

  3. The biggest problem I have with the faith is the mythology of the crucifixion and resurrection. That just sticks in my craw as I am a modern man, specifically raised and educated to reject superstition and boojum voodoo. I think a lot of modern and new Christians must struggle with it to some extent.

    Maybe I can help you with that.

    Now in my case, I have no trouble believing that the Resurrection actually happened. I've had supernatural experiences all my life. I lived in haunted houses twice, my mother's side of the family have all been blessed by supernatural abilities and occurrences of one sort or another, and that prepared me to accept the Resurrection as fact.

    Here's something that might help you out a little.

    In the 1960s, Pastor Jim Riccitelli and his wife Ruth served as missionaries in Burkina Faso, Africa. The native tribe that they served are called the Red Bobo (alternate names are Bwaba, Buamu, Bobo Woule, Eastern Bobo).

    The Red Bobo have their own language, Buamu, which is tonal. Anything you can say Buamu you can whistle. There was no written language, nor were there equivalent words in English or French for many activities or customs practiced by the Red Bobo. Their native religion is a form of Animism, as dictated by the local witch doctor.

    Life is hard in Burkina Faso. The natives are generally on the verge of starvation (they ate Pastor Jim's dog), and one thing they know about is death. People die, and when that happens the body must be buried very soon as there is no refrigeration. There was no electricity or phone service either, and the mail service kept odd hours.

    One day a child died, a little girl about 5 years old. The parents went to the witch doctor for a miracle, but no miracles were to be had that day. The evil spirits had taken her, and that was that.

    So the parents went to Pastor Jim and his wife and asked him to pray. Jim and Ruth agreed and went to where the body was laid out, in the middle of the village. With all the villagers watching, Pastor Jim prayed, and what he asked for was this:

    That if it were pleasing to the Lord, restore the child to life. The Red Bobo believed that evil spirits had taken the child, and if the Lord resurrected her it would show the natives that the Lord was more powerful than the evil spirits, and would give the people who saw the miracle something to use in their testimony.

    When they finished praying, the child got up and ran off to play.

    The key point here is that this miracle furthered the Lord's agenda. Christianity became much more believable and important to the Red Bobo, and Pastor Jim and Ruth (and other people) had something they could use in their testimony.

    So why don't we see more miracles today? Because people wouldn't believe, and the Lord's agenda wouldn't be helped.

    Now, for yourself, you decide just what sort of miracle you'd like, then brace yourself and be very careful about what you ask for. I, for instance, prayed for safe passage between Mad City, WI and Sylvania, OH. I had to drive through a bad snow storm at night, you see. Clever me, I asked to see some evidence of the Lord protecting me - and that is the last time I'm ever going to ask for something like that. I had the most miraculous escape from certain disaster on the highway that I've ever heard about, and in plain English it was a real piss-cutter.

    As for the Crucifixion and the subsequent Resurrection, it served several purposes - but, on a larger scale, it was the Lord's defeat of the evil one.

    Happy Easter to you and yours!

  4. That's all great reading folks - thanks for stopping by!