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Monday, 30 April 2018

How America Lost The Cold War

I'm sorry. I like Putin.

Remember when Russia was hosting the winter Olympics in 2014? The hags and harridans of a group called Pussy Riot showed up to protest something or other, and they were starting to annoy Vladimir - who was trying to put on a shindig for the world. All he had to do was tell his chief of police to 'take care of it'.

The cops showed up and politely asked the ladies to disperse. They shrieked and waved placards and signs in response. Then, they were formally ordered to disperse. MORE shrieking, screaming and slogans. Welp, the boys just shrugged - and waded into them, bitch slapping, back handing, cuffing and slapping the hags off the street. When they came back, they got bitch slapped, kicked and cuffed into a paddy wagon and were unceremoniously taken into custody, pretty much to the merriment and derisive laughter of the world. They tried to make a big deal about freedom of speech and their incarceration but nobody was all that impressed. That's something we've forgotten in North America - you have the right to free speech and to assemble - but you do not have the right to infringe on the rights of others or be a public nuisance. People went to the Olympics to see a sporting event, not angry rage heads.

I heard somewhere that there is a movement now to ban cheerleaders at football games and pit foxes at racing events. Apparently the sight of pretty young women is offensive to the old cat ladies, the fatties and ugly lesbians - most of whom don't go to such events anyways.

I think we could learn a thing or two from Vlad. So far, being nice to nasty women has only made them worse.

Errrrr.... sorry about the view, everyone! What in hell am I thinking, starting off a Monday with howling uglies like that? HAR HAR HAR! Have a great Monday!!!


  1. Do you smell a cat box? I smell a cat box...

  2. the pussy riots broke into a church service, half naked, and ran shrieking into the altar!!
    they are filthy.
    just as you cannot yell 'fire!' in a crowded venue just for 'fun', you cannot shriek in a sacred service, nor in any place of work, et cetera.
    at the least it is a public nuisance, at the worst terrorism.
    the indecently clad, heretical female animals only got what they deserved.

  3. What's the old saying? Feminism is all about ushering in a Revolution that will make everyone consider the feminists to be hotter.

  4. All I gotta say is that I seriously feel sorry for the cats!

    There's a double standard here, and I am heartily sick of it: the left openly discusses and endorses state censorship until the tables are turned and it's THEIR speech being stifled. And the hell of it is, these nasty women don't have anything to say or bitch about, really.