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Tuesday, 24 April 2018

I Got Gas...

I paid a $1.44/litre. The make the stuff in quantities suitable for world export just 200 miles north of here. They refine it in the same quantities 4 miles from my house.

Ladies, the game is just about over, here.
It's time to admit that some of you should be in the bloody kitchen,
because you have no friggin clue about how the real world works.

Totally unrelated to any of this: I overheard one of the young ladies at work, pleased as punch that she was able to sell her house. Her husband, and electrician - had gotten laid off and hasn't been able to find work and they couldn't afford the bills. They were happy about it!

The next time some millennial idiot starts complaining about living in the basement, or devastated job markets, it might be prudent for them to look at their voting habits.



    1. Yup and yup, Deb.

      She's our provincial premiere - probably analogous to your Yank governors. She's probably a nice enough woman, probably a little bubble headed - but if I remember correctly, she's a friggin commie. Last time I bought gas it was a smidge over a buck... but now we have new carbon taxes to save the environMINT!
      Of course, none of that money will be spent on the environment, it'll be blown on cushy jobs and pork for cronies and union slobs.

  2. Glen: I live on the Morontario border in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and recall that in May 2017 after returning from my winter in Phoenix and Chattanooga that gas there was under $1 CDN for the first time in a lonnnnng time. I do wonder how much of the high price is due to the lower value of your dollar relative to the US dollar. Liberal, progressive, socialist policies are part of the problem, as they are here as well. I do recall going to Morontario in the 70s to buy gasoline after or during the Arab Oil Embargo when our gas went from about 35 cents to $1.35 in a very short period of time. And let us not even mention your alcoholic beverage price travesty, am I right?

    1. Morontario is a socialist's wet dream and has been for decades. Part of the reason that bint above got elected in Alberta, was that people in the rest of the country couldn't find jobs. So they came to Alberta during the boom, smuggled their socialist stupidity in with them... and voted with their IQ's. That, combined with the fact that the two other parties discredited themselves... and voila - we have a bubble headed socialist for a premiere.

      Combine that with a federal gubbimint run by a brainless child like Juthtin Turdo - and we will be Mexico North in another few years.

      Funny how everyone hates guys like Trump - until the economic stats come out, and it's time for them to pay their bills.

  3. We have the same problem with some Californians. We thought of sending them to Canada, but realized Canada couldn't afford to bury that many frozen bodies.

    Maybe we can just send them to the Arctic Circle? We don't have to be cruel. We'll give them a liter of water, a hunting knife and a sleeping bag. Of course, they'll have to avoid using any of these devices, until after an environmental study guarantees their liberal madness won't affect the wildlife.