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Friday, 13 April 2018

I Hear Ya, Kid

Today I dragged my ass into work. Morning was hell; I've spent the last two days sweating, freezing and sleeping through a flu. I have to put in some time in the warehouse before I go up front for my office job, so I was back there in my carhartts and steel toes with kids half my age, slinging freight whilst freezing and shaking. The young buck assigned to baby sit me slowed down on my behalf, and I was sincerely grateful because in addition to the pip - I am grossly out of shape. But I hung in there and I stuck it out all goddamn day. The kids called me off the job at quarter to five - they were playing video games in the boardroom. I flopped into a chair, totally bagged and watched the kids duke it out on a video game. If these kids, these adults - are who they look like... I love them already. It reminded me of when I used to play video games with my daughter when she was young and still talked to me. I didn't have any beers, I just stayed with the kids, happy to hear the noise and the banter.  Dammit, I got old, somehow. How it happened to me, I dunno - stuff like that happens to slobs like BW and Pete or Jack... but me? Life IS unfair. Some other old men said it should be old men that get sent to war, because they don't fear death and they aren't good for nothin' anyways. It makes me smile to think like that - but breaks my heart to see younger men thinking that way.

I never had any 'glory days' myself. 
Maybe these are my glory days?
If we shaved Scotty The Retard he would look more
like Tim than Tim does.

Have a good weekend y'all. I am gonna go lay down and die.

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