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Sunday, 29 April 2018

I Just Bought The Honda...

I guess this guy will learn ya everything ya need to know about recreational generators. I have never heard of some of the brands and this guy may know more about generators than I ever will - but I have never been let down by a Honda. Mine is the 2000W or whatever their smallest gen is - and it ran like a champ last summer. All my motorcycles used to be Hondas and I loved them all dearly.

I started to break away from Honda about 10 years ago. When I bought Ol' Yeller (my much loved ATV) I almost developed a split personality: I am brand loyal and Honda had some really neat stuff coming out - but the gear heads were singing the praises of the radical new Bombardier Outlander quads with their BMW made high output engines. I ran that thing for ten years without a hitch. Buddies that bought Hondas had some issues. But who knows - I don't pamper my gear, and I use it hard if I have to - but I always do my maintenance like clockwork. I probably would have done perfectly well with a Honda there too.

My last motorcycle was a big Suzuki 1500cc stratobagger and I had some electrical issues with it. My current ride is a 1700cc Kawasaki Winnebego and so far, after four years, I put new tires on it and gas in it - and it just runs. Gets a tune up every year and a service at the garage so the boys can do the once-over - and then back out on the road she goes.

I suppose they're all good (or bad, depending on how ya look at such things) - but sometimes I still like to stick with Honda when I can.

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