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Saturday, 7 April 2018

Just Finished The Kitchen Reno Job At Coopville

I hope CM and her hubby are impressed with my work!
And that they pay promptly...!!!
If I did that in my own house they would find my desecrated corpse
in the oven and it'd get ruled as a justifiable
homo-cide, HAR HAR HAR!!!


  1. That stove, that stove! I would put up with the camo for THAT stove!!!! Oh, the cookin' I could do!

    1. Holy smokes, that IS a good stove isn't it CM? I dunno what to think of gas stoves though. One of the best cooks I know loves them and I think my wife says they're the best too - but my Mom hates them and says they cause a greasy coating on the kitchen ceiling and fixtures...

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