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Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Life's Battles:Wins And Losses

When I was on the road one of my most dreaded situations was the inevitable and horrible 'poop n' scoot'. We're fortunate in northern Alberta because there's lots of trees and bush, and our highways can get mighty lonely at times. The only time it ever happened to me was on the way down from Ft. Mac. I won't use the roadside crappers anymore because the natives use them and those animals aren't fit to use public restrooms. I'm not kidding - I stopped to use one once and there was chit on the walls and ceiling. GAH! What kind of demented subhuman nutter does something like that?

Anyways I did my business on the side of the road in seconds flat and was back in the truck, and back up to speed for the dive home.

I guess the I'm doing what the kids call 'shit posting', HAR HAR HAR!


  1. when we lived in winterpeg the drunken metis were always trying car doors so they could sleep in other people's cars. i hope they didn't vomit in them ,too.
    the ice broke open our door once and one of them came in and stole our electric can opener.
    disgusting and no morals.
    driving over a bridge one morn at 3 a.m. we heard familiar sounds but couldn't place them.
    kids out playing, the bigger ones watching over the little ones.
    couldn't place the sounds because it is so out of place at a time when kids should be in bed.
    husband told me the metis whores put the kids out at night so they could ply their trade.

  2. p.s.--so... your backside is peachy.
    i have often been thankful for undergrowth. carry all the necessities with me in the car.