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Friday, 20 April 2018

Maybe In My Next Life

My wife and I have never really been extravagant people. We simply don't have the money. Or maybe we did, but my frugal Scottish nature won't permit me to enjoy experiences like this. I don't much care for travel, crowds, and tourist traps. I'd always be thinking about how much money I wasted. My wife, on the other hand? Looking back now (When it's too late) - I think she would very much have liked something like this, light years ago when wet suits might still have been an option.

I wasn't always like this. My wife and I got married way too young and had a 'shotgun marriage' and we had to grow up a little harder and faster than most kids our age. Mind you, that gave us the budgetary habits and practicality of a depression era couple. We aren't rich - but unlike many of our more lavish peers - we're free. I know we made the right decisions - or the best ones we could make - with our lives, but sometimes that little voice whispers in your ear. "What if we had done this instead of that...?"

Hope y'all had a good Friday! And thanks for stopping by!


  1. that's a little voice that comes to us all.
    a wise lady once told me that even if we could change the past we would still be idiots enough that we would make other, different mistakes than the ones we righted by going back.
    that set many things to rest for me.
    see what your wife would like now.
    maybe a whale watching trip on the left coast?
    do they have one of those ethnic days celebrations up where you are like the one in winterpeg? those are fun.
    and isn't there a big rodeo round up thing in edmonton once a year?
    or a lovely week in a bed and breakfast where you relax and don't do any cooking or dishwashing for 5 days.
    daughter went to one last year and loved it.
    it was part of a group which went to the series of plays offered in the town. she didn't go to all of the plays but sat on the deck in between shows and read while the lady of the house presented lovely eatables.
    but that was in ontario.
    you could do one thing per year before you get old.
    our neighbors, the husband of which always wanted to see the world, finally started the travelling, went to ireland, and whale watching and a few other things, just before they were stricken with various illnesses . as it was, the wife had to sit out some of the touring to rest.
    they died of their afflictions but before she died the widow told me she would always be grateful that her husband realized some of his dreams before it was too late.
    look around with a newly opened pair of eyes and see what isn't outrageously expensive and will be easy to do.
    if it isn't easy, don't do it. it is for enjoyment not for rushing around. [see all of europe in five days! nonsense!].

    1. She could do all those things Deb. I dunno about me, I am happy parked at the rod n' gun club with the dawgs in the RV but that isn't enough for her. She is starting to travel with the church ladies and I am good with it. As for me... I am a home body. I've been on the road, in hotels, and I've seen spectacular country... but I'm bored of that now. I had to do it for work and the thought of paying to do it myself just turns me off! I have become surly old fart!

  2. You are so much better off being free of debt that you probably can't imagine it. Personal debt beyond house, car, and sudden emergencies, exists because the debtor hasn't thought things through and lacks the self-discipline to turn down the mountains of junk that the TV tells him he has to have. He and his old ball and chain really don't understand that they truly don't need all this crap - but they go in debt for it anyway, then don't understand why the lender is upset because they owe $375,000 on a $100,000 home, and the warranty on the SUVs will expire three years before the thing is paid off.

    You're doing good, Glen Filthie.

    1. That's nice of you to say so, Jack, and I hope you're right!