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Monday, 2 April 2018

Meanwhile In Morontario

Guys like this are not unusual in Morontario.

I wonder why I bother sometimes. Seriously. We've never gone on expensive vacations, our house is smallish, and when I buy vehicles we drive them until the wheels are just about falling off. We bank and save, and prep a bit too.

While politicians like this tax and spend us into penury. There's a reckoning coming.


  1. With the property taxes in Ohio the way they are, and the politicos not giving a tinker's damn about our quality of life, I was forced to abandon the old family homestead where I had hoped to end my days.

    Devil take all them for a bunch of thieving, lying, bastards.

  2. Are you sure that machine wasn't invented in California, where people drive 4WD because the roads are THAT BAD, but illegal aliens get a magic carpet ride from cradle to grave?

    Indeed, there is a day of reckoning coming, Glen. They say you can't squeeze blood from a stone, yet these "representatives" are determined to try. Little do they know that, once they've squeezed the last of the blood from the stone, there's nothing left to do but to throw that stone at them!

    ...I'm about there...

    ...Sorry to hear about your loss, Jack...

  3. In Canada, there is no escape.

    Back when the oil boom was on, people flooded in here for the jobs and came from as far away as Newfoundland. They sold homes, came here, set up housekeeping. They came in on old junkers and beaters. They were on the roads thumbing lifts.
    And the stupid &^%$#@* voted like they did back home: times got tough, the market fell out on oil - and these morons voted for the NDP in Alberta! In the ensuing bust, they all lost their jobs, and now they are losing their homes and bailing out and wondering where to go next.
    When guys like us are getting run out on a rail, the guys responsible always seem to get theirs so there is some comfort in that.