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Sunday, 29 April 2018

Mud Packs

When I was a younger man, this time of year meant getting the quad out and going mud boggin' in the back country. We'd go out and see if we could keep the muskeg from eating our ATV's. Back in those days, the biggest machines were 500's, and mine was the new Bomb Outlander with a high output 400 engine - a respectable machine in its day. Today of course, they come right from the factory with snorkels, 1000cc engines, lift kits and all the farkles.

Then one day I got old and found out I had better things to do than be eaten by bugs, trying to chain up on the chronic idiots that intentionally buried themselves in the mire, and either freezing or baking while I did all that.

But occasionally... once in awhile... I feel the need for cool, delicious Alberta mud on my skin.

This pretty young lady is initiated into the mud sports
in fine fashion.

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