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Monday, 30 April 2018

Of Clippers And Nine Irons

We need an SJW and a judgement call!!!
Is this an offensive racist joke?!?!?
Inquiring minds have a right to know!!!


  1. we could use some expectation of achievement from our own children.
    it is said that they will live up to reasonable expectations.

  2. I respectfully disagree, Deb. I fell in love with programmable calculators - I think mine runs BASIC if I remember correctly - and I wired that thing for sound. In order to program it, you have to learn the math in order to tell the computer what to do. That's why pakie IT guys aren't worth their weight even when they work for 1/3 less than Americans - any idiot can program (even I did it) - but without basic reading, writing, and language skills - you are at the mercy of the idiots doing your thinking and programming for you.

  3. The key word being reasonable. It's all subjective. One family's idea of reasonable success is Cs in school, and working in the family business full time after school. Others are happy their own little pride 'n joy hasn't been expelled or suspended this year. So far, anyway.

    And other kids hate school with a passion. The thing is, these kids, being kids, don't know that they're not alone.

    Home school your kids. Let them socialize in little league baseball or other sports - NOT American football because of the injuries and the pressure.