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Saturday, 28 April 2018


And I would have his six as he did it, too.

This is what liberals want for us Canadians. "We'll take care of your health care, we'll take care of your children, we'll take care of your safety..." After years of seeing socialists take care of their people, I have come to the conclusion that if you let socialists take care of you - you deserve everything you get.

But I don't deserve what they have coming to them and neither does Alfie Evans. I don't understand what the hang up is: if the Brit doctors are done and Alfie's on his own, why not let the parents try their luck elsewhere? Or, if the gubbimint is so sure of their moral position, why not just show some bloody balls and euthanize the poor little bugger humanely instead of forcing him to die slowly of 'natural causes'? Craven bastards.

Stuff like this is why I hate liberals and socialists.

And FFS - look at these disgusting a-holes.
That's why citizens need high capacity magazines.
They are a chit stain on law enforcement.
A real cop would have handed in his badge rather than
take a place on that line.

One is tempted to pray for Alfie and that is all well and good. But good lord - we seriously need to pray for ourselves too. A police detachment? To enforce the execution of a baby? May God rot their souls.

Errr...sorry for the rant. For a more civilized discussion of this issue, head on over to Borepatch's, and pass along my regards. 


  1. Glen:
    I've been also following the Alfie Evans story...WTF is up with some people (like those keeping this child from getting proper care)?
    Death panels...looks like SOME nations (run by leftists) are working hard to get them established.

    Now THIS is the kind of stuff that needs a REAL cake-eating here. Down with liberal socialist morons!

    Excellent post.
    (well-deserved and placed rant)

    Roll safe out there.

  2. The Brits don't want to be shown up, Glen. They didn't want Italy to find what was wrong with the kid, and blow England's socialized medicine illusion out of the water. Face it; the kid needed more than two aspirin and a dose of Dimatap. The queen should be forced to live under the care of her subjects!

  3. alfie is in heaven experiencing joy unspeakable.
    what will be the judgement upon his tormenters i don't know, but i know i don't want the same punishment.
    God help his parents to bear it all.
    the 'police' ,remember, are from the present and younger generations.
    they have grown up under the aegis of the state and probably had parents uninterested in Jesus, calling Christianity an old fashioned and medieval religion, or, the opiate of the people.
    they do not operate under the moral code which was the norm for europe and the americas for so long. it is foreign to them.
    the new norm is godless, unless you count self worship.
    did you ever read 'the screwtape letters' by c. s. lewis? read it.
    the modern sinner is described therein as being as tasteless and 'cardboardy' as oatmeal with no salt or sugar. blecchh and blah.
    c. s. lewis is an excellent writer for the uninformed because he shows Christianity through the actions of the fictional characters.
    his books 'out of the silent planet', 'perelandra'. and 'that hideous strength' are an adult trilogy. good reading.

  4. I can't imagine just what my parents would have done if the government tried to prevent them from getting medical care for me or my brother.

    I wondering if Pete isn't right about this one, that some bureaucrat someone got his nose out of joint, and that cost a child his life and gave his poor mother the kind of grief that no mother should ever have to experience.

    Those storm trooper all lined up like that, in a nice, neat row look like perfect machine gun fodder to me. Give me a good old Thompson and a 50 round drum, and I'll show you how to get through. I can't imagine the cop that would stand in a line like that.

    While this is only one case, it shows what's wrong with their health system. Worse, it's happened before, and no one in the government sees anything wrong with this? No one is calling for a rebellion?

    My greatest fear is that something like this will happen in the United States, and the only people galvanized into action will all be over 65. The younger set truly doesn't understand what a horrible, unspeakable tragedy this is.

  5. Thanks for stopping by, y'all. Good to see ya, Bob! You roll safe too!

    Cripes, ya don't even need guns for that lot. I still can't get my head around this. Stuff like this just makes my heart go black with sin that would shame my Maker. It makes me despair about ever being a real Christian.

  6. Oh the real reasons for Alfie's murder....aren't pleasant.