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Saturday, 14 April 2018

Saturday Symposium: Correlating Cause And Effect

Presented, gentlemen, for your cogitation, speculation, and reflection:

This, by way of good King Chares at Coopville...

We see a lot of that going on lately, and I dare say many if us have found ourselves in the same boat, after a row with the feral stunned bints in our modern dysfunctional families. While pouring over Uncle Bob's porn stash Uncle Bob's Epistles To The Retards, I came across something, that... deep in my gut, I feel must be somehow related.

Uncle Bob was an expert on women, and sadly passed away before he could learn us all the things he learnt the hard way. Perhaps if we can find a hard copy of the manuscript above... We may yet redeem ourselves as the rightful heads of our households. A Holy Quest lies before you, boys.

The usual suspects are warned in advance that if you come back with 'an answer for the meaning of life' or 'scientific proof for the existence if God' or some other pointless claptrap ... you'll be wearing your underwear on your head and you'll be stuffed into a locker for the weekend! I'm lookin' at YOU, Pete! HAR HAR HAR HAR!!!

Ladies - be good to your men. And have a great weekend!

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